People of all political stripes have been worried about a third Bush presidency.  That fear is irrational.  Jeb might be to the right of Ho Chi Minh but not very far to the right.  He favors amnesty, he gives Hillary a medal on the anniversary of Benghazi, and he believes Ted Cruz, a real conservative, is an extremist.  To Jeb Bush, let me ask you one question, “Have you considered an exciting career as an over the road trucker?”

Jeb Bush not only excoriated Cruz but called on the republicans to find common ground with the liberals.  Could God find “common ground” with Satan or would he fight him every inch of the way?

And in truth the republicans offered many compromises and many bills but the closest the democrats would come to a republican position is, “Just say no.”

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Jeb Bush obviously has the presidency on his mind, but it will die there, just like any rational or original thoughts he may have once had before his brain gave out.  No doubt, the mainstream press would pull for him to win the republican nomination, by calling him “a voice of reason.”  But once he has the nomination, they will refer to him as, “the voice of treason.”  Right Bob Dole?  Right John McCain?

The fact is Jeb Bush wouldn’t even make a good sized pimple on Cruz’s ass.  He can’t carry his jock strap.  I mean what can you say about Jeb Bush, that hasn’t been said about soggy burnt toast?  My suggestion to you is finish up 2015 and then skip right over to 2017 and save yourself a broken heart.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements.