In a video that is currently going viral, a Utah man decided that there were just too many damn steps to climb to the entrance of the State Capitol Building. So he saved a little energy and secured a better parking space. Unfortunately law enforcement officials were not humored by his “outside the box” thinking.



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The guy probably has knee problems and may have needed a bathroom. What do you do in this situation?

  1. Mess your pants.
  2. Drive up the capitol steps and make a mad dash for the private bathroom inside of the historic Supreme Court room because you know it has the least chance of being occupied?

The guy did exactly what any of us would have done. He chose #2.

The Salt Lake City Tribune reports:

A Layton man was apprehended after driving a truck up to the west entrance of the Utah State Capitol.

At 1:39 p.m., the 36-year-old man drove a pick-up truck up the west steps of the Capitol, which Utah Highway Patrol troopers saw on camera monitors, according to UHP Capt. Barton Blair.

The unarmed man exited the truck, entered the building and tried to get into the historic Supreme Court room, Blair said. The man was pulling on the metal doors and kicking them, Blair said. There were indications the man was on drugs, the captain added.

Troopers tried to use a stun gun on the man, but it proved ineffective because of his loose clothing, so they forced him to the ground. An officer suffered an injury to his hand while taking down the man, who could possibly face charges such as criminal mischief, assault on officer and impairment, Blair said.

The man’s last known city of residence is Layton, according to the UHP.

Though many of my colleagues are laughing at this man and calling him crazy I for one applaud him. We could use a few more like him.

His tax money pays for that building. If he wants to park his truck by the front door then he should.

Get ready government. We are coming. We’ll be driving up the steps of every capitol in this country before long.

The revolution is here.

Oh wait…

Hold on…

I just got some new information.

OK well it turns out that maybe he was a little crazy. I’m always the last to know these things.

Either way I will stand by my story because I’m too lazy to retype it. I still respect him because I’m not all there myself. Life is more fun that way.

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