Police State

Back in January I wrote an article entitled If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight? The article went on to be read by a lot of people. However…

I have learned a thing or two about a thing or two since then. I wrote that article when I was just starting to wake up to what was going on around me. And to be quite blunt, if you think you are going to have time to reach for your gun during a full-scale confiscation, you may be sadly mistaken. Chances are you won’t even get to your guns before a red beam is dancing between your eyebrows.

We have to know what to expect. This is not about ego. This is about survival and living to fight another day. So sure, I can bow out my chest and talk about how I’m going to die a glorious death with hot smoldering brass up to my knees. I can talk about how they will pry my gun from my cold dead hands. The truth is that neither is likely to happen.

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To understand the likely scenario we need to look at a situation in which full-scale gun confiscation was implemented and develop our strategy from there. Let’s talk about Hurricane Katrina.

Let’s get all thoughts of fantasy out of our head. We can’t assume that we will see them coming. We can’t expect a phone call from Bob who lives three blocks away. We can’t expect anything in this situation except to be surprised. Please listen to this account of someone who was there for the Katrina gun confiscation. This stuff happens with the precision of our military. This is not going to be Andy and Barney knocking on your door.


After listening to that interview are you still sure that you can get the drop on these guys? Do you still think you can take 2 or 3 out before they mow you down?

I don’t think that. I have crying babies at my house. Godzilla could be running rampant through my home town and I wouldn’t know, until he squashed me like a bug.

Maybe you feel differently but my thought is this. I have to assume that they will find anything and everything in my house, car, garage or storage shed. And I would include rented storage sheds in that. Don’t you think they will be tearing those apart as well?

I have to assume that every gun I have in my possession and every round of ammo will be gone. I can try to hide a gun in the deep freeze embedded in a mess of homemade vegetable soup and maybe I have a chance of it not getting noticed, but I can not assume anything. Technology will find guns hidden in walls and under floorboards. Gun sniffing dogs will find guns buried in your yard.

I have come to the conclusion that everyone needs to seriously consider hiding a gun off site. I’m not talking about having your uncle hold a shotgun for you. Your uncle is probably going to get raided too. I am talking about you getting creative and finding a way to stash an emergency firearm that no one is likely to find. Because if SHTF (stuff hits the fan) it could be the difference between life and death for you and your family.

I found an outstanding article by Claire Wolfe about hiding your gun off site. I am going to quote part of the article below and then, if you need more insight you can follow the link to the full text.

Three ways to prep your gun for hiding

My friend Jack favors the very simplest method of preparing a firearm for hiding. He leaves the gun fully assembled, wraps it in vapor-phase inhibitor paper (also known as volatile corrosion inhibitor or VCI paper), adds desiccants (see sidebar) to keep down humidity, then places gun and ammo into a tightly-sealed container. His SKS spent nearly 10 years underground in this condition and was perfectly fine — and ready to shoot — once he finally he unearthed it.

Still, such a casual approach horrifies a lot of people — and it definitely lacks failsafes. My own preference: disassemble the firearm, coat every bit with a film of high quality gun oil like Break-Free, wrap each part separately, and then seal everything in a waterproof container with desiccants. Some people I’ve known take the extra step of pulling oxygen out of the container using a vacuum or piece of dry ice. You can also get VCI corrosion-resistant gun bags (including more pricey VCI vacuum bags) from places like MidwayUSA.com or Brownells.

Some old-timers I know disassemble their guns for hiding, but instead of coating parts with Break-Free, they use Cosmoline. Cosmoline is the now nearly-generic term for a brown, gooey, Vaseline-like preservative that’s been used for decades to rustproof firearms. You may have encountered it if you ever bought a surplus military rifle. Commonly, such rifles have been literally dipped in a vat of Cosmoline at some point and will have the goop in every cranny even after being superficially cleaned. You might want to go the Cosmoline route if you expect your firearm to be hidden for a really long time — for instance, if you intend it for your yet-unborn grandchild. You can buy Cosmoline or similar pricey, corrosion-proofing preservatives online. But if you go that way, whoever resurrects the gun will need to have mineral spirits, a soaking tub, and brushes on hand.

Any time you store a gun disassembled, you need to store any tools required to clean and reassemble it. Maybe instructions, too. I know I might forget how to reassemble a gun that I hadn’t touched in years.

Three types of storage containers

An appropriate storage container depends on your climate and where you plan to hide your gun.

One of the most popular and secure methods of gun hiding is burying. And the most popular container for burying a gun is ordinary Schedule-40 PVC pipe from any hardware store or plumbing supply store. You’ll need a piece of pipe with sufficient diameter and length to hold your firearm, ammunition, and tools (unless you plan to store the ammo and tools separately). You’ll also need end caps and sealant. Preferably you’ll buy all this where you’re not known, and you’ll use cash, not a check or credit card. One of the caps should be permanently sealed on. The second cap may be a threaded one with a rubber gasket — but only if you are very sure of an excellent seal. My friend Jack cemented both ends when he buried his SKS. Then he also buried a saw nearby, wrapped in VCI paper, to open the storage tube.

In addition to being buried, a tightly sealed PVC tube can also be submerged in murky water or in a slurry. Painted with appropriate camouflage, it can be hoisted into a tree or into the rafters of a barn or otherwise used to hide its contents in plain sight.

If you’re lucky enough to find one at a gun show or surplus store, guns and other objects can also be hidden in old plastic mortar cases, which already have threaded lids with very tight rubber-gasket seals.

A pistol can be hidden in a tightly sealed metal ammo box — again, well oiled and with desiccants added. This is how Jack hid the pistol we were searching for. Because it was going into damp ground, he placed the ammo can inside a larger ammo can, a plastic knockoff this time. He added desiccants to that, as well. Both ammo cans had their lids sealed with caulk. Then he wrapped the entire assembly in a plastic bag and duct-taped the heck out of it. As a final precaution, when he set everything into the ground, he upended a white plastic tub over the rest. This would turn out to be the one truly useless step.

Bonus: If your climate is very, very dry and you’re stashing a gun above ground in a spot you’re certain will never get wet, you may not need any container at all. Just place your well-oiled, VCI-wrapped firearm “naked” in its hiding place (e.g. inside a wall, under floorboards). Always include desiccants. Even in dry climates, hidey-holes can still get humid.

Three places to hide a gun

The first thing to know is where not to hide a gun. Do not hide it in or around your home unless you’ve figured out a way to make it undetectable — not only to opportunistic burglars, but also to metal detectors, ground-penetrating radar, and even gun-sniffing dogs (yes, there are dogs specially trained for this job; they’re actually taught to alert to gun oils, powders, or firing residue).

Of course it’s fine — and routine — to place everyday firearms in secure locations around the house. But remember, that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the gun or guns that you’ll go get when the other guns are gone or when government agents are on a confiscation campaign. So unless you have extensive, difficult-to-search property, or some insanely clever and difficult hiding method, it’s best to hide firearms away from home.

Three common places are: underground, above eye level, or right in plain sight, but so disguised nobody sees what you’ve hidden.

Undergound: Because this is one of the most popular, durable, and most secure methods — but also one of the trickiest — we’ll spend the most time on it. You’ve prepared your firearm using one of the three methods above. You’ve sealed it inside a PVC pipe, complete with desiccants, ammo, and tools. Now what?

Find a spot where you can be unobserved.

A spot where you can be confident everything is likely to stay undisturbed for years.

A spot where nobody but you is ever likely to spend time.

A spot with landmarks you can recognize — now and 10 years from now.

A spot with lots of old metal objects strewn about is a plus.

Source: Finish reading the full article at Backwoods Home Magazine.


I don’t think this can wait my friends. Yesterday we talked about how the federal government is spending $80 million to get more security for possible riots.

Alex Jones had a caller to his show recently that flat out stated that the National Guard is being placed under DHS control. Is that true? I don’t know.

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I do know that if I were a President who was going to impose martial law I would do it in the late fall and early winter. Why? Because that eliminates a lot of the cover for those of us who live in cold weather spots. The trees will be bare and there will be less places to hide. It also makes things like power grid shutdowns more effective. People that are fighting to stay warm are less likely to worry about going on offense. They will be concerned with survival.

Most people who know me know that I barely have time to write at present.

The fact that I threw this article together, no matter how poorly written or thought out, should be a huge clue to you that I think the situation is dire. If you have been following the fate of our top brass military leaders you will realize that something is not right.

Many months ago we ran the story of Jim Garrow exposing the litmus tests that our military is now being exposed to. Will they fire on American citizens?

If you watched that video interview above, you might realize that even though many of our military will stand with the people, they will have no problem finding enough that will not.

Back in March a national hero ended a 41 year military career. General James “Mad Dog” Mattis has been called the “most revered Marine in a generation” by the Marine Corps Times.

Shortly after Dr. Jim Garrow’s bombshell I was talking to a source that has a close connection to Mattis. I want you to understand that I was told that Mattis walked away because he refused to give the order to fire on American citizens. If that is truly the case then it was more of a resignation than a retirement.

Is it true? I have no way of knowing. I did not talk to Mattis. I got my information second hand through my own source. I have reason to believe it is true but I can not guarantee it and I can’t tell you how the information was gathered because I don’t want to put anyone’s life in jeopardy. So who knows about Mattis? But…

What I will say is that nothing would surprise me at this point. And with Winter on the way I think we all need to prepare just in case this is the time we have all feared.

Economic collapse seems possible among other things, which would be a perfect excuse for a national state of emergency which results in a declaration of martial law.

If nothing happens then at least you have prepared yourself for months or years later when it does. Because we all know it’s coming…

We just don’t know when.

Update 10-25 @ 10:45 PM… I decided to add a second video. Why? Because some people simply don’t believe anything they see on Infowars. This is an ABC News report that pretty well verifies everything that was said in the interview.