Kathleen SibeliusAs the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Kathleen Sebelius is the woman in charge of the utter disaster of the unAffordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare.

Last Tuesday, Oct. 22, in a CNN interview, Sebelius gave her first F-you to the American people.

She said she hasn’t actually tried to sign up for a health care plan on the glitch-plagued Obamacare site, HealthCare.gov because she — like her boss the POS, Congress, Supreme Court, federal employees and all their families too — isexempt from Obamacare that they’ve foisted on the American people:

“I’ve created an account on the site, I have not tried signing up because I have insurance.”

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The next day, a group of 33 House Republicans sent a letter to the POS calling for Sibelius’ resignation. They wrote: “The scope of the problem is so great that, were this a private company or military command, the CEO or general would have been fired. We are, therefore, calling on you to hold Secretary Sebelius accountable for the fiasco that is HealthCare.gov and ask for her resignation.”

Yesterday, the witch responded with another F-you to the American people.

Asked whether she will resign because of her gross mismanagement of the inoperative Obamacare website, Sibelius said:

“The majority of people calling for me to resign I would say are people who I don’t work for . . . .”


I have news for Sibelius:

You work for us — Americans who pay taxes and therefore your grossly-inflated salary.

And another thing, you evil arrogant witch: It’s “people for whom I don’t work,” not “people who I don’t work for.”

Here’s what one American for whom you work thinks of you:

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H/t National Review


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.