Expert Author Ilya Shambat

In latest news, America has been shocked over a teenager murdering a teacher for making the teenager stay after school.

My solution is simple. Allow teachers to carry guns.

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The school shootings and killings in America have gone beyond a joke. It didn’t stop with Eric Harris and Dylan Kleebold; it only started with Eric Harris and Dylan Kleebold and has continued since then. In perhaps one of the most senseless slaughters in history, a bunch of six-year-olds were shot to death in Connecticut. This would not have happened if the teachers carried guns.

A lot of schools have metal detectors; but that has not stopped these shootings. The security personnel have contempt for the idea that schools should have armed security guards, arguing that these slaughters happen too fast for the security personnel to react. Whereas if a teacher has a gun handy, he can immediately stop a school slaughter. And if a teacher carries a gun, he can react before the situation becomes critical.

Of course many of the teachers, being liberal, are against carrying guns; but the school shooters aren’t. And teachers refusing to use deadly force puts themselves – and their students – at a competitive disadvantage against those who do not have the same scruples. Probably the worst situation to be found is when conscientious people disempower themselves, whereas the non-conscientious people do not. This results in goodness being put at a disadvantage against wickedness. And that is in no way a desirable course of action for anyone to take. It empowers the people without scruples while putting the people with scruples at a competitive disadvantage. And that rewards the worst in people while punishing the best.

Children deserve protection from scoundrels or lunatics who would shoot them; and that means that teachers should carry. There is simply no excuse for situations like what we have seen. If someone wants to kill a teacher or a bunch of children, then people with better values than what they possess should have the power to stop such a thing. And that means: The people with better values having strong and forcible weapons at their disposal.

These kinds of situations will not be stopped by anti-gun legislation. The would-be shooters will find a way to have guns. They will be solved by teachers having gunpower as well and being able to stop the shooters. And this will actually put a stop to these outrageous murders of teachers and children in the American schools.

Editor’s Note. I thought that looking at the American gun debate through the eyes of an Aussie might be interesting. We can not assume that all Australians feel the same as Ilya but nonetheless I appreciate his opinions.

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