My post of Oct. 24,U.S. Army tells soldiers Christians and Tea Party are terrorists,” elicited this interesting commentary from retired US Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. John McClain.

Below is Sgt. McClain’s commentary. Words between brackets colored teal are mine.

See also Trail Dust’s “President Lucifer’s Puppeteers Demanding Their Money’s Worth.”

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Obama bowing to the king of Islamic Saudi Arabia

Obama bowing to the king of Islamic Saudi Arabia

I saw this coming to be as I was leaving the Corps in ’97. I had once hoped to spend the rest of my life in service, and absent my descent with Gulf War syndrome, I’d be fighting these people, and probably end up in Leavenworth. I now live about fifty miles from Cherry Point Marine Air Station, close enough I keep good contact and connections, far enough I live truly among a civilian population.

Vets and those who have invested their lives and time in support of our troops know we have a Muslim president doing everything in his power to turn the armed forces into unattractive places for warrior minded men, and at the same time, he is turning faith against faith, while ridding all leaders from upper echelons. Know that Hitler’s taking control of the army drove out most of the professional soldiers and many were assassinated or later targeted by “the new army” he formed. Hitler is the best analog we have for Obama. The fact Hitler enthralled the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in the late thirties, and had him as guest many times, shows the close parallel between Islam and every form of socialism. Islam in and of its self is a form of socialism, it simply isn’t atheist, but deist in form.

We have long had a “pivotal difference” in our perceptions as military, and I believe it stems from the fact all British officers originally came of aristocracy, and were not subject to the laws of the military, but to the standards of “Kingdoms”, and while they staff their officer corps as we do today, they retain some traditional ways and means that make it difficult to translate some actions directly across.

The British appear still to be out of touch with the impact “Lawrence of Arabia” had on the world as a whole, whether it is deliberate avoiding the reality or seeing it first, from the vantage point of the very real security that action gave to Britain’s oil supply and maintaining control of the Middle East during the war. The Turks were completely on Germany’s side, and the whole Bedouin people were the sole defense against the Turks, they alone knew the Sahara well enough to effective defend it, yet they would not join forces, the tribal competition was too strong. ”Lawrence” went through the full initiation rites becoming Bedouin”, to be allowed to deal and council with the tribal leaders, if you haven’t read the book in its original, you won’t know the whole of it, but he was able to convince the leadership council, the some 3000 tribes would lose control of what was in essence “an ocean of sand”, and be hunted down tribe by tribe, and with the Turks millennia long enemies, they could appreciate the truth of the threat. At the same time, they had always been tribal, never connecting, and the loss of the whole of the Sahara and evidence to suggest he wasn’t just bullshitting, was required to gain their response and actually elect to establish a hierarchy, pull the tribes into a coherent force, and accept leadership by one tribal leader. It is only the fact that the Sauds were the only ones to fully understand what the future could be, meant they chose to break all rules and tradition and back ”Lawrence”.

After the war, the tribes did their best to reform as tribes, but too much power had been ceded to the Saud tribe, and they never let loose the slightest on their grip. I don’t know how much influence they have in Britain, but they control almost every aspect of Muslims and Islam here in the states. In return for tight oil bonds, we gave full authority to the Saudis to fill all imam and Muslim needs as far as military, police, congress, every aspect of government, well including the prisons and jails, and by this, Wahhabism is the primary form of leadership, which has a limited control over those in the armed forces, the police and the like, but when more than half the prison population is black, and put in prison for “white” reasons, we have Bedouin traditions transferred over to the Black community, not only in the racist groups, but in the general population.

The 24th MEU [Marine Expeditionary Unit] was our predecessor as we entered Beirut in 1982. For a few days, it was discussed keeping them there, and we completing a normal Med cruise, doing the U.N. operations, joint NATO operations, but the anticipation of short and sweet was well supported by the facts on the ground, so we stayed, but the 24th had to transport Arafat and some 2500 of his minions of evil, back to “the territories”. I was told by Marines I know and trust, [the late Palestian leader Yassar] Arafat had half a dozen boys brought to him to use daily, and this was not Arafat’s perversion, but common Bedouin practice. The use of boys isn’t considered sex in Islam, but merely the relief of “manly pressure”, something necessary when men are deployed away from their women. Arafat was a boy in his own time and place, and no differently treated.

The issue of “on the down low” is one of U.S. Black community’s, and it comes directly from Islam in prisons, putting sex as relief, not sex, and it makes for a dramatic and inescapable dichotomy from Judeo-Christian tradition, and is an important aspect of ramping up the race wars breaking the common bonds we’ve worked so hard to achieve. The Saudis have far more control and influence in this Nation than anyone but those at the top, such as the Bushes, and so many “governing families before them.

It would appear Obama is an installed “Manchurian candidate” via the influence of the communists, and given the facts of his family; however we have very little knowledge of any interaction between the real and actual communists who have been running the Democrats, and the Saudis, who have been extending their reach via the normal means of Islam and the culture which must eschew certain aspects of our culture, but otherwise, can use most of our culture against us.

The fact we will not state it is Islam we are fighting, like it or not, the question is whether America, as the last power in control of communism, will stand up world government under U.N. auspices, with the real intent of ruling, or whether we will bring it to pass in that manner, and then watch Islam assume control since it connects directly with socialism, without quandary; yet the power of religious leadership has almost always trumped straight military leadership, and certainly ignores civil leadership.

I don’t think we are beyond surviving and rising to control, but to do so, we have to identify the enemy, and we won’t do that while one of their own is president. The only reason Obama hasn’t been impeached is because far too much of government fully supports his ideas and dreams.

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I expected capitulation on the debt ceiling, but to simply open the door to February 17th, and suggest we will discuss the debt ceiling from where it resides then has some serious and ominous implications. First off, reaching the debt ceiling was announced months ago, and media suggests ”we reached it, stopped spending, and stayed there, not going deeper, not paying any off, until after the day it had to be negotiated, and then negotiations broke down.” There is no logic in this statement, and the panic over closing government was only among those who didn’t know the plan. For there to be contracted-made signs closing lookouts, the national mall, and other public parks and such, meant someone ordered those signs made, six months or more ago. What I saw were no more nor less than “street signs”, no temporary signs, but permanent form. This coupled with the fact money was spent to put rangers on duty with overtime, and the myriad of ways money had to be spent to “make people suffer” and get angry, shows there was every intention of making this a fight.

I know February 17th is a special day for some Muslims because [Ambassador] Christopher Stevens [who was killed in the 9-11-2012 terrorist attack at Benghazi] volunteered to set up “the compound” in Libya precisely to establish “the February 17th militia”, which was the group hired to provide local security for the compound. I don’t know what that date commemorates, but it is significant in the Muslim world. I have doubts it is a mere coincidence, when dealing with a foreign infiltrator as Obama is, it is ludicrous to accept anything as coincidence.

Muslims have a special issue with Marines. America was the first western nation to visit war on the pirates, rather than pay tribute, and President Jefferson managed to find a compromise with Tripoli in large because of the impact of our destructive raid which destroyed a fort believed to be unassailable. I assume you’ve seen the news about the “unisex head gear” suggested by Obama for the Marines.

Semper Fidelis,


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.