Benghazi Liars

For as much hype as we saw leading up to the 60 Minutes Benghazi story yesterday, what did we really learn?

We already knew that Hillary lied. We already knew that Susan Rice lied. No one seems to have the guts to do anything about it. Well except for Barack Obama that is… He promoted Susan Rice and is laying the groundwork for Hillary to take over in 2016.

Let’s see… We learned about a guy who calls himself Morgan Jones. We learned that he bashed some Muzzie in the face to avoid detection. Other than that, what did we really learn? Let’s review…

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Ooh… ooh… I got one. We learned about this group that was hired to defend the Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi and how Morgan Jones didn’t think that they would do their jobs.

Look, I mean no offense to Mr. Jones because it takes guts to come forward with what he knew and I would say the same for Gregory Hicks. But this is the biggest softball piece I have seen in a long time. There was a time when I used to like 60 Minutes.

Do you want to know why “The February 17th Martyr’s Brigade” could not be trusted to defend the compound against Al Qaeda?

Because they were Al Qaeda and our government knew it.

I am getting really sick of watching these congressional clowns and media maggots who try to make a big deal about how mistakes were made and want to draw a token vial of blood and give some sort of figurative spanking on behalf of the families of four dead Americans.

I, and many other alternative media folks, have written extensively on Benghazi. But since the initials on my press pass do not serve as an acronym for Common Bull Sh*t, no one wants to listen to me.

Benghazi is not about a failure of leadership. It is about criminal leadership and there is a big difference. Obama and Clinton didn’t make bad choices and drop the ball. They knew damn well what was going to happen and they let it happen. There is a good chance they planned it.

Oh wait… I didn’t cite a source for my Al Qaeda claim did I? Well I think you can tell a lot about an organization by what they put on their Facebook page. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s like their cyber-storefront. So let’s just see what the February 17th Martyr’s Brigade had on their Facebook Page.

This was their cover photo, posted months before the attack:

An Al Qaeda flag? On their Facebook Page?

No wonder our leadership wanted to pay these clowns to defend the mission. These guys are like family to Clinton and Obama.

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Wait, what’s this?

Do you know what that is? That might just happen to be an Ansar al-Sharia logo that was also found on their Facebook page many months before the attack. Ever heard of those guys? Yeah that’s the same Ansar al-Sharia that was implicated in the attack.

Here’s one that ties the whole family together. This is a graphic that was on their Facebook Page as well. It’s a celebration of good old Al Nusrah. Yeah, those guys are Al Qaeda, but so what? Obama says they are the good guys. They are our allies.

I realize that Morgan Jones may not have known about any of this stuff but I guarantee you that our government did.

Do you think the government might check out a group’s Facebook Page before hiring them? It’s common sense. Of course they would.

There is an outstanding article that came out in May about all of these pictures and the significance of The February 17th Martyr’s Brigade. I’d suggest you check it out here:

I’m sorry but all of this applause for CBS made me throw up in my mouth a little yesterday. I remember when journalists at least acted like they had a pair. Now they don’t have to. They know that sources like The D.C. Clothesline and even Newsmax are nothing to worry about. They don’t have to fool everyone. They only have to fool most of us.

Does it bother you in the least that Frank Wolf and Darrell Issa, who happen to be two of the hardest hitting Benghazi inquisitors are both among the 114 RINO’s who sold us out on Obamacare just a couple of weeks ago? It does me.

If they are willing to sell out 300 million Americans then what are four dead bodies?

They throw us a bone every once in awhile to appease us but no progress is really being made. The big shocking revelation from the CBS piece is that it proves that Hillary Clinton lied. So what? We already have proof that the State Department lied, and she was Secretary of State. How much headway have we made so far?

What would you say if your government knowingly hired Al Qaeda to protect that diplomatic mission from Al Qaeda? Read it again.

Would you think that might be treason?

When these big media guys are ready to stop lobbing softballs and get serious then we can lay out what really happened.

My personal opinion is that this is paid propaganda. I don’t think the powers that be care if you think they screwed up. That’s much better than believing that they were co-conspirators in these murders.

If you don’t believe that, you might want to humor me and check out my opinions here.

Even if you don’t buy my version of events, you can not deny that there is a huge cover up going on here. Why isn’t anyone telling the truth about who we hired to defend that mission?

Oh, and by the way… It gets much worse from there.

Kudos to CBS? I think not.

It’s just more misdirection.