On Saturday the Syrian Electronic Army successfully hacked Barack Obama’s twitter account, with over 38 million** followers, and sent what seemed to be a standard Obama message:

However, anyone who clicked the link did not find a weekly address from Barack Obama, but rather the following video which documents the atrocities of the Obama-backed Syrian Rebels. These are the people that Barack Obama, John Kerry, John McCain and many others would have us support.

Warning!!! There are extremely graphic images throughout this video. There is a section that is recommended to only be viewed by 18 and over, as well as a section to be viewed by 21 and older. This video contains things like beheadings, bombings, dead bodies, bodies thrown from rooftops, etc.

This is the truth that the Syrian people want the world to see. On Saturday the Syrian Electronic Army put this video in front of a number of people. The twitter status has been pulled but hopefully it made a difference. Hopefully a good number of people saw the video and it has caused them to think about who their President is supporting.

We need to remember that war is hell. There is no doubt that there are always crimes committed by both sides. But the opinion of a lot of Americans is that we should not support either side in this conflict. And if we do support a side I would certainly think it would not be the side of Al Qaeda, but that’s my opinion and nothing more.

Here is the video:


UPDATE 8:10 PM Monday… The video has been taken down obviously. It does not surprise me. It was extremely graphic. I would say that by far it is the most sobering video I have ever watched in my life. What made it so horrific is that all of these brutal deaths were real. When you snap out of “TV Mode” and into the realization that this is not fiction, it was just indescribable. These people are monsters. 

**On a side note… Even though this video was technically distributed to 38 million Barack Obama followers, this is not an accurate number. The latest numbers using Fake Follower Check reveal 58% of Obama’s followers are fake. 34% are inactive and 8% are good. So that number is probably more like 3 million. Big difference.

This is just another example of how things are not always as they seem to appear.

To give you a point of reference, The D.C. Clothesline (@dcclothesline) currently has 2% fake, 26% inactive and 72% good followers. A certain number of followers do go inactive after time and some people create fake accounts but I think you will find that if you run your own account, the “fake” number is generally far less than 10%.

How’s that for some added truth?

h/t Paul Joseph Watson