Two more stories from the twisted religion of Islam where female children are looked upon as women… and women are looked upon as nothing more than sub-humans to use and dispose of in any way a believer sees fit… To this day I do not understand how any woman could ever defend this religion.

These are two of the worst stories I have heard yet. What kind of sick individuals would gang rape a 3-year-old girl? Finding one person who is that sick is disturbing but how on earth can you find “several” men who would carry out such a horrific crime? This is unbelievable. reports:

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Photo: Okaz

Several men abducted a three-year-old Saudi girl and took turns in raping her before dumping the child near a hospital in a serious condition.

Disclosing the crime on Monday, police said they had arrested three suspects and two women and that more could be arrested in connection with the rape.

Doctors at the hospital in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah said the child was found crying and in serious condition in front of the hospital on Ramadan 13, adding that she is still in the intensive care unit struggling for her life.

“She has been raped violently by some men. She was found crying of excruciating pain as her body was full of bruises and her sensitive parts were ruptured,” hospital manager Mohammed Ali said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz.

“These are human wolves and worse than animals.

They have violated all human and religious values with this heinous crime.

“We hope she will respond to treatment and recover although doctors believe she will suffer from a trauma for the rest of her life.”

As if this crime is not horrible enough, another recent story is arguably as bad or worse. A 13-year-old girl was raped by two men in Pakistan and then buried alive. Incredibly she was able to dig her way out of her grave and live to tell about it. Australia reports:

A 13-year-old girl has dug herself out of a muddy grave after being raped by two men who then buried her alive in Pakistan.

The teen was abducted from her local village in the Punjab province while she was walking to Koran lessons.

Her father Siddique Mughal told police his daughter had been taken, but they refused to cooperate, Outlook India reported.

The men took the young girl to an isolated place and raped her and then buried her alive as they believed she died during the brutal attack.

But the girl managed to dig her way out the muddy grave and caught the attention of passers-by who helped her to a local medical centre.

After local police refused to investigate, the Lahore High Court Chief Justice’s Complaint Cell formally directed them to arrest the girl’s attackers and complete a report on the incident without delay.

A sessions judge for the local Toba Tek Singh region has also been asked to look into the matter.

Child rape remains a problem in Pakistan where local activist group Sahil said cultural myths persist such as HIV positive men believing they can be cured through sex with a virgin.

I don’t even know where to start with the HIV positive thing. That is potentially the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

I have 5 girls and anyone who wants to keep defending Muslims can kiss my ass. The problem isn’t going away by ignoring it or by being “politically correct.” What are you going to do when this problem lands on your doorstep?

Can you imagine the horror of your 3-year-old baby or grandchild being gang-raped?

Can you imagine living in a society where your 13-year-old can be brutally raped and the police don’t even bother investigating? That young woman will undoubtedly have thoughts many times in her life where she wonders if she should have just died and not fought her way out of that grave.

There is nothing in this world that I hate worse than rapists and child molesters (same thing). A murderer kills his victim one time.

A rapist kills that victim many times over throughout the course of a lifetime.

I will not remain quiet about a religion where men are taught to be animals. These monsters are already in our country and if we don’t do something soon then they will grow in numbers. Once Islam reaches some sort of critical mass here it is then over.

Life as we know it will be over.

What other sick religion teaches men to do such horrible things to women and children? When a Christian or Buddhist commits such a horrible crime it is because they have strayed from their beliefs. When a Muslim does it they are simply in tune with the teachings of a religion that celebrates a pedophile as their prophet.

That is the difference. There are bad people in all religions but this religion teaches people to be bad.

What will it take for people to wake up?

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