No trabajas aquíWhile everyone is beating up on the Obama Administration for their ObamaCare fiasco and roll-out failure with only 250 some people signing up in the first couple of days, and how they refused to release the number of how many people signed up but rather only a hint as to the number of hits on the website – no one has commented on all of their other failures like; Green Energy Jobs, Diplomacy Failures, Economy, etc., but I believe these most recent failures of ObamaCare have an eerily similar set of circumstances; denial, blame games, and lack of transparency. Okay so, let’s talk – how about an example.

On Halloween 2013 we saw more masks covering up the reality of unemployment in California, for instance The LA Business Journal had an article titled; “California jobless claims drop by 13,000” by Melissa Wiese, a diet and nutrition weight loss specialist it seems. The article stated;

“The number of people claiming unemployment benefits across the nation was 3.9 million, or an increase of 39,532. At this same time last year, there were 5 million people claiming benefits. Of course, this doesn’t include the long-term jobless, who have run out of benefits and may have given up looking for work. The Golden State reported a massive drop in new claims of 13,033, thanks to fewer layoffs in the service, wholesale trade and retail trade industries.”

Good news, except for one thing, the chronically unemployed can no longer get unemployment benefits so they are not filing jobless claims, because they can’t. The real unemployment in the socialist state of CA is much higher – actually due to socialist policy, anti-business police, and left-leaning legacy runaway costs. Too bad they are so busy purporting success of failed policy rather than fixing the problems.

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Now then, this administration has manipulated data, not told the whole truth, and failed on its promises, in this case more jobs. This administration’s main objective was jobs, but now they’ve failed at that, cover up the reality, and on to more promises, hoping you will forget. Well, not everyone is so enamored with their Facebook activities, texting, and smart phones that they’ve forgotten all the failures of this administration.

Still, maybe the government shouldn’t promise things it can’t do, or cannot do well. You know things like health care, stopping continental drift (global warming), and creating jobs. In fact, the less they do, the better off we will all be in the end. Want to debate the need for Big Government, fine, bring your A-Game, A-Team, and no Super Storm Sandy isn’t a good example, look at that wasteful effort? Please consider all this and think on it.

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