We have reported on Barack Obama’s “Kill List,” his appointment of the first ever US assassination czar (who now heads the CIA), and his use of drone strikes which have killed hundreds of innocent civilians, including children. Criticism of Obama’s use of drones has come under serious criticism from his political opponents, as well as his political allies. However, according to a new book, Double Down: Game Change 2012 by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, Obama told his aides he is “really good at killing people.”

Really good at killing people? Seriously, this is what the leader of the free world thinks is good? I suppose we should not be surprised that he would be “really good at killing people,” since Obama is nothing more than a Chicago thug.

Nobel-peace-drone-ObamaThis Washington
report makes passing reference to the anecdote, saying that while speaking with his aides about the drone program Obama bragged that he was ‘really good at killing people.’

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While the White House has not given any comment on the allegations of the statement, Senior Advisor Dan Pfieffer told ABC recently, “The president is always frustrated about leaks. I haven’t talked to him about this book. I haven’t read it. He hasn’t read it. But he hates leaks.”

As I’ve said before, I don’t buy that any leak gets out of the White House without Obama knowing about it and using it to his advantage.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, approximately 3,000 people have been killed in Pakistan as a result of drone strikes since 2004. Obviously that time includes some of the term of George W. Bush as well.

Among those 3,000, between 416 and 948 of those killed were civilians. That number is upwards of 1/3 of those targeted! One of those, was an American citizen, sixteen year old Abdulrahman al-Awlaki.

The irony in all of this is that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2009 and in defending his use of drones which are killing not only alleged terrorists, but innocent civilians, including American citizens, he said back in May at the National Defense University, “Let us remember that the terrorists we are after target civilians, and the death toll from their acts of terrorism against Muslims dwarfs any estimate of civilian casualties from drone strikes.”

Obama has had people on both sides of the aisle defend his actions, including the strike that killed 16 year old Al-Awlaki.

Congressman Peter King (R-NY) said that Obama’s kill list was “totally right and totally constitutional,” and then went on to say that the killing of Al-Awlaki was just part of “the breaks.”

Additionally, former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was even more callous in speaking about the sixteen year old American’s death at the hands of the Chief Executive. “I would suggest that you should have a far more responsible father if they are truly concerned about the wellbeing of their children.”

The problem in all of this is that the young man in question should not be held accountable for the sins of his father. Second, he was not engaged in any terrorist activities. Third, he was targeted completely separate from his father. Fourth, he was an American citizen and under law, if there was a reason to believe he was engaged in criminal activity, the Constitution provides a means for dealing with him under law. Yet, all we hear are excuses.

I continue to ask elected representatives, why they will not hold this man accountable to the law. I also continue to ask those who lead our military just how long will it be until you take care of the domestic enemy in the White House and hold to your oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies? Make no mistake, Barack Obama, and all those that support him in government are domestic enemies to the Constitution.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.