Malala's autobiography

Malala Yousafzai is the teen aged girl whom the Taliban tried to assassinate because she dared say that women should be educated.  Malala became a worldwide celebrity, when she was taken to England for treatment and, after a three month recovery, was able to return to Pakistan where she became the symbol for women’s rights in the Muslim world. 

Malala has written a book called “I Am Malala” to talk about her experiences and attempt to inspire the masses and effect change in a culture that badly needs it. Most recently Steven Ahle reported that the Taliban has vowed to finish what it started and kill Malala Yousafzai.

In a disturbing decision, Pakistan private schools have recently decided to unilaterally ban her book, making it rather apparent that Pakistan is not ready to move into the modern world and continues to answer to the Taliban.

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Pakistan Today reports:

Malala Yousufzai’s recent book ‘I am Malala’ will be banned completely due to its ‘controversial’ contents in all private schools across the country, Pakistan Today has learnt.

The decision was announced by All Pakistan Private Schools Federation President Mirza Kashif on Wednesday who said children were idealising Malala and reading her book will leave them in a ‘confused’ state of mind.

Translation: This book will effect our brainwashing techniques and could allow children to develop the trait of independent thought.

The article continues…

“Our academics have thoroughly studied her (Malala’s) book and have concluded that reading that book will only confuse our children. Malala’s defence of Salmaan Rushdie in the name of freedom of expression, not writing Peace Be Upon Him after the name of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and criticising the Quranic injunctions about the status of women in testifying as witnesses are only a few things which will challenge the ideological foundations of our next generation,” Kashif said while talking to Pakistan Today.

Interestingly, the private schools owners have taken the decision on their own while the government has nothing to do with the decision.

Translation: Women are still sub-humans. How dare this sub-human not bow down properly before the prophet pedophile Muhammad. And of course we must point out that the government had nothing to do with the decision which generally means it did. That sentence reads like classic propaganda.

Umair Aziz goes on to mention that there is a consensus in Pakistan that Malala did not write this book. After all, how could a woman be educated enough to write a book? I realize I am dripping with sarcasm but this is exactly how they think. Aziz also goes on to state, “However, some officials seeking anonymity maintained that security threat could be a reason behind banning the book which became ‘controversial’ in the country right after its publication.”

In my opinion that is probably the closest thing to the truth in the entire article. We know that the Taliban still wants Malala Yousafzai dead. They claimed victory when she did not win the Nobel Peace Prize that she was expected to win. They hate her.

They want her dead.

They want her memory dead.

They want her words dead.

The funny thing is that it doesn’t quite work that way. Malala Yousafzai is one of the most positive things to come out of the Muslim world in many generations. They may very well kill her at some point and achieve their vengeful goal.

But by banning her book they have already set her up as a martyr and they have given a few free thinking Muslims a reason to want to read that book all the more.

If Islam is to ever move out of the dark ages it will take more courageous people like Malala who are willing to take a stand and condemn some of the core practices that go against human rights.

There was a time when the Catholic Church had the same “convert or die” approach as modern day Islam. We tend to forget that. If Islam is to ever evolve into a true “Religion of Peace” then it will take more and more people who are willing to stand up and risk everything in order to bring about real and lasting change.

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For now that is no where close to happening, but it does not mean that there are not those who try to effect change.

The banning of this book is a microcosm of how far Islamic countries have to go to catch up with the rest of the world. They reject this young woman who is viewed by Western Civilization as a hero.

If they reject the people we see as heroes then I don’t see any peaceful resolutions coming for a number of generations.

For now they simply want all non-believers to die and I would suggest that you wrap your mind around that. It is OK to hold on to hope, so long as you live inside of reality and not utopian thought.

This is what separates conservative thinking from liberal thinking. Liberal thinking is denial of the problems and a life inside of utopian thought. Conservatism is about seeing the world for what it is and striving to make it better through common sense.

There is not a sane person on this earth who does not want peace. But sanity is also in seeing the world in its current state.

The useful idiots reach out to hug the Muslim who, unbeknownst to them, has bombs strapped to their chest. They put their trust in people who want nothing more than to dance of their graves.

This is the reality modern day Islam. There has been no change in this paradigm in hundreds of years.

It shows no signs of moving out of the dark ages as of yet but, so long as there are those like Malala Yousafzai, we will hold on to hope for future generations.