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As I write this, it is the night before the November 5th elections, 2013, where the people of Virginia have the opportunity to elect their current Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, as their Governor over Democrat fundraiser Terri McAuliffe.  They also have the chance to elect E.W. Jackson, (a Black, Christian minister, lawyer, and retired Marine) as their Lieutenant Governor over Ralph Northam.  To my knowledge, neither Mr. McAuliffe nor Mr. Northam have any great accomplishments to their name that should catapult them into the highest elected offices in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  However, what they do have is money and the political backing of the Democrat party.  (Note that the term, “Democrat” is used as a label for the party—not as an adjective—to distinguish from the word “democratic,” as empirical evidence seen in Demoratic strongholds like Washington, D.C. where the right of the people to vote on  the definition of marriage was denied by the politicians, and in California where Proposition 8, a popular referendum which defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman was taken to the courts and overturned on dubious legal grounds, shows simply that Democrats do not believe in practicing democracy!)  On the other hand, Ken Cuccinelli served in the Virginia Senate for nearly a decade before being elected Attorney General in the same year that Bob McDonnell was elected governor.  As the head lawyer for the Commonwealth, AG Cuccinelli represented Virginia in numerous court cases, and was the first to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration when the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare”) was passed into law.  Mr. Cuccinelli was victorious in court on many levels, but eventually Virginia and 26 other States were defeated by the decision of Chief Justice John Roberts when he ruled that Obamacare was Constitutional, and could be imposed on the American People despite a litany of supposed safeguards against such a violation of essential liberty in the text of the Constitution.  Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson understand well the Constitution and the liberty it is designed to protect, while their opponents would gladly bind the American citizenry against their will under the force of government and the massive military might the United States possess.

At the current moment, we have just come off of the difficult experience of watching Senator Ted Cruz perform a filibuster-like delaying tactic on the floor of the U.S. Senate by delivering a 21-hour continuous speech that received national attention.  This was immediately followed by Republicans in the House refusing to introduce a bill that would fund the government, unless Obamacare was simultaneously defunded in exchange.  Failing that, the Republicans offered to fund the government if the mandate was delayed a year for individuals, just as the President had delayed it for business interests who supported his party.  Being political activists rather than pragmatists, the President and the Democrat-controlled Senate refused each bill, allowing the government to be shut down rather than cave on implementing Obamacare when the tyrannical piece of pretended legislation was to go into effect.  Seizing the political opportunity, Democrats used the occasion of the shutdown to create a hideous spectacle, erecting barricades in front of national monuments, cancelling events on federal parks designed for children, prohibiting access to scenic overlooks, and other activities associated with the national government.  They even went out of their way to erect screens which prevented people from being able to see places like Mount Rushmore or the Grand Canyon.  Most employees who work for the national government simply got 2 weeks of paid vacation as a result of this, however the whole debacle was described by Democrats as among the greatest suffering the country has ever known.  Of course, it was nothing of the sort, but Democrats do not believe in democracy, and chose instead to describe their political opponents as “arsonists,” “hijackers,” and “jihadis.”

None of this could possibly help Ken Cuccinelli, who comes to the race very popular with the Tea Party as well as most social conservatives.  Despite his popularity, Democrats have shown their Progressive side, maligning Cuccinelli as someone who opposes a woman’s so-called “right to choose,” and her ability to get a monthly ration of birth control pills for free.  As more women get involved in the political process without ever bothering to ask the fundamental question, “What is the purpose of government?” the debate becomes solely one of what is government going to do FOR THEM, and the success of a candidate depends entirely on where that candidate stands on women’s issues.  Since Cuccinelli, an observant Roman Catholic, does not support the wanton murder of infants in their mother’s wombs, and the encouragement of promiscuity through taxpayer-subsidized birth control, then unless Virginia’s electorate turns out to be extremely conservative, he has almost no chance of winning.  Reasonable, measured candidates like Cuccinelli will never even have their ideas on protecting your liberties and improving the economy heard, because the single largest voting bloc constitutes more than half the American population, and the vast majority of them will vote against a moral code which they feel violates their right to engage in irresponsible sex.

E.W. Jackson, like Ken Cuccinelli, is a favorite of the Tea Party.  For some reason, his election as a Black conservative caused considerable disdain from White Establishment Republicans like Bill Bolling which showed the roots of racism that run through the minds of most liberal politicians.  Jackson’s Democratic opponent, Ralph Northam, even refused to look at him or shake his hand when E.W. extended it to him twice at the end of their final televised debate.  Racism is alive and well, and it comes from the godless Progressivism that infects both parties, but is the banner and shield of the Democrat party.  Unlike Ken Cuccinelli, Bishop Jackson entered the political scene delivering fiery speeches which won him the party’s nomination for LG over less noticeable candidates.  He was not afraid or ashamed to speak out on social issues, and never hid his Christian faith from the electorate.  In any other day of the history of the United States, these qualities would be applauded and commended in a candidate.  But today, where the younger generation will vote against you if you do not sanction homosexual sodomy, do not want to see children barbarically dismembered in the process known as “partial-birth abortion,” and do not wish to see your own children indoctrinated in the public schools to believe there is no God and that licentiousness is good, these qualities show that nobility and virtue are no longer among the desired traits for winning elected office.  In fact, it is ignobility and dastardliness that win the favor of the current electorate.  We live in a society where our children look up to Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan, one of whom is constantly in rehab, and the other of whom will be there soon, and our sons want to grow up to be like Tupac and Biggie, both of whom are six-feet-under, due to living up to their lyrics and carrying out the race-destroying gangsterism that liberals paid them to sing about and popularize for the next generation.  We tell our children that Democratic politicians like Marion Barry, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Kwame Kilpatrick (all of whom ended up in jail for their misdeeds) are doing good things for the community, but that any who criticize the policies of a Black President are only doing so because they are racist.  In this environment, a Black Republican with a positive message like E.W. Jackson is unwelcome.  The milque-toast Republicans don’t want him around, because he reminds them of the MEN they should have been.  And Black Democrats definitely don’t want him around because he reminds them that as they endorse and sanction sinful lifestyles that the Democrat Party has come to champion, the “Jesus” bumpersticker on the back of their cars makes a mockery of the sacrifice God made by sending his Son to die for our sins—increasing our guilt, and therefore His suffering on our behalf.

Much of the reason for Cuccinelli and Jackson’s loss is tied to the fact that the American People no longer fear God.  Will God Bless a people who do not fear him or keep his commandments?  He might for awhile, to punish those he loves who have gone astray, but His blessings cannot remain with those who turn their backs on him.  And while some will say they still believe in God, and even some Democrats will vote for McAuliffe,  Northam, and Obama even though they disagree with homosexual marriages and the brutal murder of infants, the balance is showing that there is no love for the Lord remaining in this land.  Where then will those who love the Lord go?  In 1620, the Pilgrims had Plymouth, Massachusetts to flee to when British Kings usurped the province of the church and placed themselves between God and man.  Today, Plymouth is a hotbed of ungodly sentiment.  To where can those who fear the Lord and know He is just flee now?  It is this question which the leaders of the GOP must wrestle with now.  Will they remain the party for social conservatives, and give us a unifying force with which to forge a new nation, dedicated to the God of our forefathers?  Or will they abandon God and re-define themselves, perhaps as Libertarians, so that they have a chance to win elections, even if there is no difference between their stances and those of the Democrats.

Losing this election means the Republican Party has lost its significance.  If ever the two parties were alike, they are become more like twins than in the past.  It is therefore merely a question of whether the American People realize this and seize on the opportunity of self-determination, even in the face of physical and military threats by their own countrymen.

UPDATE:  We now know that the race turned out exactly as I predicted above.  With a bitter taste of irony, Republican Mark Obenshain is still slightly ahead in his race to become Virginia’s next Attorney General.  This is a clear sign that while Virginia is split, many voters went to the polls and voted against the Republicans who they saw as standing for morals, virtue, and the Constitution.  This election, like the November eletions of 2012, was a total rejection of both the Tea Party as well as Godly government.  With Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson’s bitter losses today, it should be clear that neither Virginia nor any of the formerly United States is a home for a moral people whose first loyalty is to the Lord, and whose sense of Patriotism is to the Constitution.  Today’s loss should be a clear signal that it is time for those of us who identify with these fine men, to seek a country of our own, where we can worship our God in freedom.

Robert Broadus (aka Brutus) is a writer and course instructor for Institute on the Constitution, an educational outreach that presents the Founders’ American View of Law and Government. Broadus is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, and as Navy Veteran he is not a Republican or a Democrat — he is an Anti-Federalist. Broadus hosted the East-Coast Anti-Federalist radio show on Liberty Works Radio, and was a candidate for the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives from the state of Maryland.

Mr. Broadus has been an outspoken opponent of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), has campaigned to legislate an end to the personal income tax, and has fought for the preservation of our rights of conscience and religion.

Robert has contributed to Fox News, AOL News, The New 

York Times, CBS, Rush Limbaugh Show, Washington Times, and more…

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