Bill ElliottHere’s another victim of President Lucifer’s Obamacare.

Bill Elliott has cancer. He had a healthcare plan that had paid for “just about everything” of his cancer treatment, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices like MRI. He had doctors whom he “loved” and his premium was $180 a month.

But Elliott, like hundreds of thousands of Americans, got a cancellation notice from his medical insurance BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE.

So Elliott tried to find a new health plan that would take him. But his insurance premium will be $1,500 a month — an increase of 833% from his old premium. An MRI under the new healthcare plan will cost $3,000 out of pocket.

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And so, Elliott has decided he will just pay the $95 Obamacare penalty by NOT getting medical insurance because “I won’t put a burden on my family.” He will “let nature take its course.”

In other words, he is choosing death.

One more thing.

Bill Elliott had voted for the very man whose unAffordable Care Act is consigning him to an early death. Elliott has discovered, too late, that he’s one of President Lucifer’s useful idiots.



An interesting comment by Jean on Patriot Action Network:

Obama said this in an interview in 2004: “One of the qualities I think I do bring to this race is as an African-American, my entire politics is based on a desire to fight for people who are disadvantaged. And that is not just a cause of this campaign. It’s been the cause of my life.”

Read the whole article, it shows where he is going with every policy he implements.…

And Obama does not mean a middle class American who has cancer as one of the disadvantaged people he is fighting for. Read closely and his goal was and is single payer and collectivism. He believes it is your place in life to give it up for the poor. Did any of you really believe he was going to hit only the uber rich? To a person on welfare, you the middle class are too rich and need to share the wealth and be brought down. And Obama is accomplishing this by making you pay more and more for insurance until you beg for the government to take over and lower the costs.

Here in Florida the press is celebrating an African American woman with breast cancer who was paying COBRA $500 a month and now only has to pay $30 a month. She isn’t working if she has COBRA and is rewarded with practically free health insurance while the rest of us including Bill work to pay for insurance or die because we care more about our family’s finances than our own lives.

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Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.