Meltdown-Secret-History-of-Global-Financial-CollapseIt’s clear that the United States of America is on a trajectory that will lead to ruin, destruction, poverty and even war.

But the following interview with research author Steve Quayle and the team at Full Spectrum Survival paints a picture unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Covering topics that include everything from economic collapse, biological outbreaks, cyber attacks, martial law and how to develop life assurance plans to survive and thrive when most others won’t, Steve Quayle highlights the numerous possibilities for what may well be coming down the pike.

It’s much more serious than most can even imagine.

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Now is the time to focus your preparedness efforts on the skills and tangible assets that will save your life when the worst happens:

You’re giving people life skills… skills to save their life… Years ago I coined the term life assurance… You get to live with the benefit of your forethought and planning… you’re assuring yourself.

Because when you think of a life insurance policy something bad has to happen for something to pay off.

Life assurance…

The payoff is you get to live.

Interview: Full Spectrum Survival’s Brad and Michael Harris with Steve Quayle


Why Gold and Silver…

Getting people to take personal responsibility for the decisions for their family’s welfare and well-being is as critical in the financial realm… maybe more so than even the physical prep because if you don’t do one you can’t do the other. They’re really a coordinated effort. Obviously it’s food first… and the only time you go into metals is when you have a surplus and you want to preserve the purchasing power.

People have to understand that they will be using their gold and silver most likely in an underground economy and not in the open market.

The next phase of collapse… for those without gold and silver…

It will leave them bankrupt overnight… what we’re seeing now is a microcosm… we watched it happen when the bank in Cyprus ended up basically saying ‘we’re gonna search everybody’s money’… After the first of the year, if you put money in the bank you are no longer a secured depositor… you’ve moved to an unsecured lender… that sounds like mumbo-jumbo, but what that basically means is if the bank gets into trouble they have a call on your financial deposits because you have put your money into their control…

The rumors I’m hearing… and I know people all over the world… and they’re telling me that the plan is to take 80% of America’s savings… 80% of their IRA’s, 401k’s… and that’s in the best case.

On the coming takeover of America…

Ten years ago there were 365,000 foreign troops [on American soil]…

Now we’re up to about 200 of America’s top military personnel being dismissed… and the reason they’re being dismissed… it’s not these phony charges… they have refused to swear allegiance to the entity of the White House versus the Constitution… that they will stay with their Constitutional oath… so what you’re seeing is the intentional destruction of the U.S. military and in it’s place you’re seeing the private army of a man who has sworn to take this country to a place it’s never been.

It troubles me when someone has a mentor, or multiple mentors, that say 30 to 40 million people have to die (i.e. the Weather Underground guy) when you and I are numbered among those who would not be allowed to live simply because we believe in the freedom of speech… We can be the victim of a drone strike… We have no writ of Habeas Corpus… we can be held in indefinite detention…

People have got to understand that they can acknowledge the Constitution exists, but not in the power structure that intends to do every thing they can to destroy any and all your rights… and effectively they’ve taken those rights away.

 You’re going to be an enemy of the state…

If you are a practicing, freedom loving, you’re against the tyranny… you’re going to be an enemy of the state and in that enemy of the state phase at some point you’ll be forced to either take the Mark of the Beast, or you’re going to be denied your access t o commerce, a job, health care, and everything else. So it’s about control.

…You cannot stay within the system and think somehow they’re just gonna ignore you. They will force you.

Pastor David Langford made a great statement on a show we did on Hagmann and Hagmann…

He said “you don’t have to go lookin’ for trouble. Trouble’s comin’ lookin’ for you.”

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