A Tennessee high school student has turned the Common Core curriculum on its ear in only 5 minutes.

Ethan Young addressed the Knox County School Board at its regular meeting on November 6, 2013. His rousing speech should be viral.

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Teaching is never quantifiable. If everything I learned in high school was a measurable I haven’t learned anything.

I’d like to repeat that : if everything I learned in high school is a measurable objective, I have not learned anything.

Creativity. Appreciation. Inquisitiveness. These are impossible to scale but they’re the purpose of education – why teachers teach – why I choose to learn.

Today we find ourselves in a nation that produces workers. Everything is career in college preparation.

Somewhere founding fathers are turning in their graves, pleading, screaming, and trying to say, “Is that we teach to free minds?”

The Common Core curriculum has come under fire for its standardized approach to education, as well as its Orwellian framework subtly directing students towards socialism. Assignments like “rewriting the outdated Bill of Rights” undermine the principals of liberty that this country was built on.

Common Core will turn out little worker bees who don’t question authority. As Young put it in his speech, “Why don’t we just manufacture robots instead of students? They last longer and they always do as they’re told.”


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