izquotesWhen I was growing up I was so focused on finding a challenge that was not there to find.  I have read and talked to many people from different walks of life that have had this issue also.  Most of us were bored because the curriculum used in the educational system is taught at a slower pace and we were usually much further ahead than we were ever given credit for.  Teachers and students never understood us and teachers thought students like myself had discipline problems and learning problems and my fellow students saw me as an outsider.  I disrupted class, skipped school and generally did anything I could to avoid attending school because of these factors.

I finally decided to attend college after dropping out in 2001.  I have completed my Associates in Applied Business with a major in Marketing and Sales Technology/Financial Sales Services.  I will graduate in December with my Bachelors of Business Administration in Organizational Management.  I will begin my journey for my MBA in International Business in January.  Unfortunately I am still not being challenged to the level that I should be.  I avoid coursework until it is absolutely necessary, I can write a 6-10 page paper in a matter of 3-4 hours and receive perfect marks on those papers.  I graduated with a 3.63 at Owens not because of any factor except I was bored and avoided doing work on a couple of things that lowered the grades.  Sometimes I would ask instructor’s questions just to see at what level the instructors were and became frustrated when I would stump the instructors.  This caused me even more dissatisfaction because not only was I not being challenged but I was not being taught anything that was truly new to me.

This has led me to write this paper in hopes that the teachers, elected officials and anyone who can make changes to the educational system will do so.  I am not writing this as a negative attack on any type of person but I will use examples and generalities to explain my reasoning behind this.

We live in a society that rewards failure and punishes success; some examples of this are our social programs that allow people to live off of them without giving them proper incentive to improve their own lives because the government will always be there for them.  This is one element I have addressed in the past and anyone that knows me knows this is an area that I am very passionate about as well.  Businesses and their leaders are faulted for creating what some regard as empires because people see their success as unfair and this assessment is unfair because these companies were founded by people who worked hard and risked everything to establish them yet they are considered villains in our society.

We need our educational system reformed so that people with above average and higher intelligence can be given the same opportunities as those with average or below average intelligence.  Our schools are designed to help people with below average intelligence achieve success as well as to teach to those with average intelligence.  Our school systems have “Talented and Gifted” programs but they do not succeed in challenging students of above average intelligence.  I believe part of this is due to the teachers not being able to relate to the students with the thirst for knowledge and the desire to be challenged effectively.  I also believe from my own experiences and reading of others that something needs to be done to address this issue and to establish a program that allows above average students to excel and succeed not only in school but in life.

Not all parents can afford to send their children that are of above average intelligence to a private school so that their children can receive the best education they deserve.  This should be implemented in all public school systems.  Some items I propose:

  • Establish programs that actually challenge students with a curriculum that can be adjusted on an individual student basis.

  • Allow these programs to include all subjects already taught in our educational system but these should be taught at a higher level that is not based on age or grade but by the abilities of the individual students.

  • We should look at implementing core programs for those who choose to pursue them.  Core programs could focus on mathematics, science, information technology and other areas that could challenge these individuals.

  • Programs should be accelerated so that these students are continuously challenged and encouraged to succeed not held back by our current system.

  • Because of the relationship with intelligence and a lack of social abilities we should encourage and teach social habits and interaction to these students so that they can establish a better emotional intelligence before going into the real world.

  • These programs should partner with Universities and Colleges to help the student’s transition into higher education and allow them to be challenged at that level also.

I believe there are more steps that should be taken but this is a basic list of things that can be done to help students of above average intelligence excel in our educational system.  I believe that part of my personal experience and that of others is because we were not challenged enough and pushed enough in school and this also caused a deficiency in work ethic because of this.  I am not attributing my short comings in life to this because I take responsibility for what I have or have not done but I believe there is a connection between work ethic and above average intelligence in the public education system.


Our public system needs to focus as much attention on the above average intelligence as they do for average and below average intelligence.  People also need to understand that above average intelligence needs certain things just like below average intelligence.  Money is not a standard motivational tool, from everything I have seen that the actual challenge and the drive is what will motivate those of us who this applies to.

This is not a comprehensive list of fixes because there are so many to address that it will take many articles to do so.  I will continue to examine areas and suggest areas of change as I have time to do so.  This one is a very personal area to me and that is why it was the first area of change I focused on.

I am currently looking for opportunities to further my career in the business world. I am an entrepreneur, lifelong student, USMC veteran. I have experience in IT Consulting, Construction (residential and commercial). start-up companies and small businesses. I have been involved with many non-profit organizations in Findlay, Ohio and served in capacities from general member, officer and Board Member.  I have a passion for capitalism, education, business, firearms, hunting and many other areas.  I can be found on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/jkwagnerblog