Who is going to protect ordinary citizens from police brutality? In an outrageous display of unnecessary brute force, a New Mexico State police officer pulls a woman over in a routine traffic stop. And then the unthinkable happens. The woman gets back in her car and drives off instead of turning off her car. The officer pulls her over again, calls for backup, and the officers of the law start acting like gangsters. Is America turning into a police state with officers the ones people should fear the most? Absolutely, and this video is proof of it.


New Mexico State police officers have been suspected of questionable and outrageous behavior recently. Reports of anal probing in a search for drugs that never materialized surfaced, and even worse, the man who was “suspected” of this was forced to undergo X-rays, enemas, and a colonoscopy. There is no question that police officers are turning violent, aggressive, and abusive. And when routine traffic stops turn into shoot outs, this is definitely a sign of serious abuses by law enforcement officials.

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This was supposed to be a routine traffic stop, nothing more, nothing less. No doubt everyone who has had a driver’s license for any length of time has been pulled over. Oriana Ferrell was driving 71 miles-per-hour in a 55 mile-per-hour zone when an officer pulled her over. As indicated by the dash camera, it was early afternoon on October 28th when the traffic stop occurred. Ferrell should have gotten a ticket and then have gone on her way. But instead, a routine stop took a terrifying turn.

Things escalate when Ferrell does not comply with the officer’s order to turn off her car, but instead chooses to drive off.

She pulls over again and the infuriated officer immediately demands she exit the driver seat and step out of the vehicle.

Why she drove off isn’t exactly clear. This occurred just south of Taos, NM, and when the officer pulled Ferrell over again, he started screaming and using force to get her out of her vehicle. This is when the video gets truly frightening. All of this over a $126.00 fine. But as the officer yells at her to get out of the vehicle, the scene turns chaotic. And the woman’s children start to panic.

In the dash cam video, you can hear her children yelling for the officer to leave their mom alone and get off of her.

At one point Ferrell’s 14-year-old son gets out of the minivan and starts walking towards the officer, but the boy thinks better of it after the officer draws his Taser and points it at the boy. He gets back in the van while the officer continues his struggle to get Ferrell out of the minivan.

The fact that the officer drew his Taser and was points it at the 14-year-old is a major red flag. The young man did not do anything to suggest he was going to harm the officer. If anything, he was simply trying to protect his mother. But he didn’t have time to get around the front of the van when the officer drew his weapon.

Look, I’m going to ask you one more time to get out of the vehicle and then I’m going to pull you out, OK?” the officer said. “You’re already facing evading charges. You ran away from me.

Sir, I pulled back over, I didn’t run away,” Ferrell responded. “You see my children. I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just trying to take them to the Rio Grande.”

Ferrell rushes back to her vehicle after the officer tells her to turn around. Then a struggle ensues. The woman’s son tries to intervene again.

That’s when her 14-year-old son gets out of the car again and rushes the officer. The boy and the cop have a short tussle. The officer draws his Taser again while the boy runs back into the minivan and closes the door.

Worse is yet to come as several New Mexico State police officers arrive. The officer called for backup to get control of an incident that never should have occurred to begin with.

As one officer starts smashing the vehicle’s windows, the mother once again takes off.

At this juncture, one officer can be seen on video firing shots at the minivan.

The mother reportedly then led police on a high-speed chase before finally surrendering in front of a hotel.

Why would the officers start shooting a van with five children inside the vehicle? This is outrageous. This is police brutality at its worst. If this is the new American police state, everyone should be worried. There are no rules. Cops can brutalize anyone whenever they please. Even at a traffic stop.

Oriana Ferrell and her 14- year old son were both arrested. Ferrell was charged “child abuse and fleeing charges.” And Taos Police Department officials also say she had drug paraphernalia in her possession. Did she really? At this juncture, one has to question these charges. It appears the police can trump up any charge they want.

 The family is reportedly from Memphis and was visiting New Mexico on an educational trip.

The only education one could receive from this is the knowledge that you can’t trust police officers. They’re the thugs in a police state.