al gore, rome, current_TVThe biggest inconvenient truth is Al Gore has refused the environmental solutions he has been screaming for since 1994/5. I’ve told Al for a long time now screaming for a solution isn’t a solution, and neither is suppressing the solution you scream for. Al has spent decades announcing that the world needs something that will somehow finally achieve, what everyone else has proven they can’t, and that includes Al. People do not realize but Gore does not have solutions. Gore announces the world needs solutions, and he announces it louder and with a more urgent tone because the situation is constantly becoming worse. What Al hasn’t mentioned is, he has prevented the education and agenda the world needs since 1994/5. Had Al or anyone else allowed solutions, the Environmental Educator (EE) would have solved our global environmental problems decades ago. Instead the experts say the situation has gotten much more critical, so it really is about time for Gore and most everyone else you could think of environmentally to finally stop suppressing the best untried solutions on the table, because as proven there is nothing else or better to try.

The first letter I have from Al’s Vice Presidential office was in September 1995. This means I had been asking for a while to get that reply because you just don’t get replies. Since they opened their doors the Clinton Foundation and Global Initiative has never once responded, and the same for so many others. So the point is I had asked for a while to get this reply. Then in 1998 and 1999 I got letters from Al. The 99 letter stated, “I am impressed with your hard work and commitment to the ideas contained in the material you provided to me.” Al also wrote, “thank you for keeping me informed of your efforts and for bringing this proposal to my attention.” The proposal included the needed agenda below, but it also included sending the environmental solutions movie to at a minimum every school in the U.S. for free with a night showing for adults. This agenda would already have the world in the still needed environmentally literate and reusable future. It would have solved the problems that instead have become much worse. But even to this day when I continue to tell Al the solutions he screams for on Facebook, Al Gore remains adamant he will not allow solutions. Same for most everyone else you could think of, which is spelled out in my new book Stop Terorrism US Style – Greenhouse Gases Are Weapons of Mass Destruction Too. The agenda the world needs and Al and everyone else will not allow is as follows.

1 – End global environmental illiteracy so people understand how to and why they should cooperate, because that is how they will cooperate. Education is the key to all success and environmental betterment is no different. Sure there is in words environmental education out there, but it is all mixed messages that promote low level actions which has proven it never has and never will achieve results. James Hansen has said no one is teaching what needs to be taught, but the EE does. The EE will change people’s thinking by making things make sense. For instance most people do not know global warming happens in the troposphere, the first layer of earths atmosphere, which extends 5 miles above the poles and 10 miles above the equator. Then every gallon of gas burned emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. So if you get 20 mpg you drive one mile for every pound you emit. Also disposable products spend more time in their manufacturing, packaging, transportation and disposal processes than they do being used. The environmental hierarchy is reduce, reuse, recycle and our global environmental problems started when our disposable society started. So the EE will change the world’s thinking, and would have decades ago if Al or anyone else was interested in real environmental solutions, not their have proven ineffective work.

2 – End our disposable society, from homes to fast food to stadium concessions to packaging and transportation packaging. Our environmental problems started when society transitioned into a disposable society. Every minute of every day a huge amount of resource intensive and greenhouse gas emitting operations are happening, so people can use a disposable product for about 10 minutes. To solve our environmental problems we have to go back to living to reduce by reusing, which means no disposable. Everyone can never use a disposable product again, and that will achieve immediate betterment. This will also reduce oil demand because the main ingredient in plastic is oil, including all the disposable plastic and the plastic garbage bag disposables are thrown into. But in Al’s decades of efforts he has never figured this out, and when it was presented to Al Al has refused to get people to live reusable lives, or to get stadiums to lead the way by converting their disposable operations to reusable. Billie Jean King created her GreenSlam to win the planet back. Yet GreenSlam, Billie Jean, and the US Tennis Association (host of the US Tennis Open) will not lead the world with reusable concessions. Instead they promote an abusive and remedial recycling program, that the Green Sports Alliance encourages other stadiums to follow, and will not allow other stadiums to know that reusable concessions are what is needed. In part this is all because Al Gore never insisted that everyone live to reduce by reusing and recycle only when necessary. Gore’s Live Earth would not allow reusable concessions, EE educational videos or the needed agenda, but Live Earth could have finally lead the world where it needed to go, but like everyone else wouldn’t. Just like BJ King, GreenSlam which I call GreenSham, the USTA, Green Sports Alliance and even the US Green Chamber of Commerce. The environmental hierarchy is only 3 words, so it isn’t hard to realize this is what is needed.

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3 – Gain individual cooperation, because the environmental solution the world needs is individuals changing many daily simple actions. But this gets back to number one, having an environmentally literate society who will do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Every person has the ability to change dozens of daily actions that will produce immediate results, and that is needed. But they need to be environmentally literate so they know what is responsible and irresponsible, and they need environmental voices and the White House to insist people cooperate and follow their lead, which does not happen but needs to.

4 – Leadership by example, which is non-existent today. When environmental voices, including the White House fly private, have huge electric bills and drive in limousines, no individual is going to think their much less abusive lives need improvement. So as proven for decades now, without leadership by example environmental progress will not ever happen.

5 – Hemp needs to be utilized on a wide scale. Hemp has endless purposes and it can be implemented immediately. Hemp will also significantly reduce oil demand right now.

6 – Clean energy is last because in four decades of searching for it, it is still is not a common reality. At best clean energy being a common reality is years to decades away, but the first five in the Environmental Educator agenda are achievable today. And people do not realize that individuals can implement some clean energy right now today, very cheaply, by putting up a clothes line to use wind and solar power to dry their clothes. That sure beats emitting greenhouse gases using electric clothes dryers, because our global environmental problems started when people started using disposables and a lot of electric appliances like clothes dryers.

Gore has prevented this since 94/95, and Barack’s White House has prevented it since the campaign trail. Most everyone else you could think of has prevented it too. It is all in the new book Stop Terrorism US Style – Greenhouse Gases Are Weapons of Mass Destruction Too. This book lays out the best environmental education and agenda on the planet, and the 19 year history of everyone who will not allow it, which is just about everyone, which really needs to change.

The Environmental Educator has been knocking at every door you could imagine for 19 years now, and all those doors have remained firmly shut. Everyone wonders why the Environmental Educator is bothering them with solutions, because they have solutions. No one working for environmental betterment has realized that it is their work that is not working, and when the EE informs them of this truth, the shut doors get deadbolt locked closed, and the world screams louder for an unknown something to somehow finally achieve what the Environmental Educator can but no one will allow. So 20 years later the EE is finally asking for any donations possible, to help pay for advertising so the world can learn this truth, and so that the EE can continue to produce the EE educational videos. A week of seven 40 seconds videos takes 60-70 hours to make, and because no one will allow solutions, the EE remains working in the sweatshop that is the tourist industry. So the EE would appreciate any donation anyone can make, or more importantly someone finally putting the EE to work. So again Albie, BJ King, NRDC and everyone else, how about it. How about finally getting on board solutions, because as proven you and everyone else do not have solutions. There is nothing else or better to try, at a time when it is critical that something new be given a chance.

Environmental and highly rated app, weeks 1-5 are essential building blocks

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