Nancy Pelosi - CaricatureIf you want to see a true dirt-bag politician in action watch Nancy Pelosi attempt to backtrack on her comments about the Affordable Care Act on this week’s Meet the Press.

You might want to have a barf bag handy, because this one is chock full of platitudes, deceptive doublespeak and flat-out lies, with Pelosi going so far as to say that not only is Obamacare legislation affordable for every American as originally promised, but that Americans will be jumping for joy at her and President Obama’s fundamental transformation of our health care system.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, according to the distinguished Congresswoman, you do, in fact, get to keep your pre-Obamacare health insurance plan!

I stand by what I said… when people see what is in the bill they will like it… and they will…

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And the fact is… it doesn’t matter what we’re saying here.

What matters is what happens at the kitchen tables of the American people… and how they will have more affordability, more accessibility, better quality care, prevention, wellness, a healthier nation… honoring the values of our founders… of life, a healthier life, liberty to pursue their happiness…

Watch…  if you dare:


The scary version?

This woman actually believes what she is saying. Not only that, she and millions of other Americans continue to peddle the notion that Obamacare is going to improve not only Americans’ health care, but our economic viability as well.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As noted recently, the numbers simply do not add up, meaning that more people will be taking from the system than putting into it, leading to the real possibility of a total detonation of the U.S. economy and health care system in less than one year’s time.

What’s happening at the kitchen tables of Americans, and what will happen as a result of this legislation, is that they’ll be able to put less and less food on it.

But the real question is one few Americans are asking: Will the Patient Affordable Care Act also cover plastic surgery and face-lifts for every American so that we can all be botox-beautiful like Nancy?

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