Kathleen Sebelius - Caricature

And again… and again…

In another classic moment Kathleen Sebelius was again caught at the center of attention while Healthcare.gov crashed. On Tuesday Sebelius was in Miami meeting with “navigators” and overseeing the sign up drive.

Upon approaching Carmen Solerno, a woman who was trying to sign up online, the site again crashed.

CBS Miami quotes Sebelius as saying:

“Uh oh.”

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What else can you say? The site is not up to anyone’s standard of quality. Here is an excerpt from the CBS Miami article:

Sebelius, wearing green, walked through the front doors of North Shore Hospital near Miami Shores where she shook hands with hospital staff and members of the Epilepsy Foundation who are staffing the Obamacare Navigation center housed off the hospital’s lobby. There she met with the team helping South Floridians to sign-up on line or on paper.

“So she is being helpful,” asked the secretary to a couple sitting at one table of a navigator. “Absolutely,” they responded.

At a second table, the secretary met Carmen Salero who was trying to sign up online.  As the secretary and Salero made small talk, CBS4′s Brian Andrews noticed the site crash on the lap top in front of them.

“The screen says I’m sorry but the system is temporarily down,” Andrews pointed out.  “Uh oh,” responded the secretary.  “That happens every day,” said Salerno, “it must mean a lot of people are on there trying to get coverage.”

A throng of cameras and reporters trailed the secretary’s every move in the small room. “I didn’t mean to bring the Paparazzi,” the Secretary joked as she met Willy Williams of Miami who was working with a navigator to get signed up. “It went down three times,” said Williams referring to the site, “but we’re just going to keep trying,” he added.

And try he will!

Does anyone else find Solerno’s response a bit hilarious? “…it must mean a lot of people are on there trying to get coverage.”

That is probably true but “a lot” is a relative term. It has been established that the numbers are abysmal. And the numbers got decidedly worse yesterday when we reported that one of those sign ups was a dog in Colorado.

This is the response of either a brainwashed liberal or of someone who was simply trying to be nice in the company of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Neither type of person would be worth much to me.


It must be demanded of both sides, left and right, and be consistently enforced. There are too many people that want to look the other way when it’s someone from their own party.

Want to know what’s wrong with America? Read the previous paragraph again.

The entire roll out of Obamacare has been a disaster. No words I could offer this morning would be strong enough to portray that disaster in its proper light.

All I can really say is, “Uh oh.”