We’ve had several reports on Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League. I recently ran across this 3 minute video, which I believe is worth your time to demonstrate the savagery of the Islamists, specifically Saif al-Islam in England. Word really can do justice to the hatred and violence that pours from Islam. Therefore, if the ears won’t hear, tell it to the eyes. Watch as the imam calls Tommy out on the street as he is riding by, demands that Tommy tell him what he really thinks of Islam and then sucker punches him while he sits in his vehicle. Friends, this is what Islam is and does. WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.


Notice the rhetoric that al-Islam uses to attack Robinson. He calls him a racist. Friends, Islam is not a race! It’s a demonic, fascist ideology!

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tommy robinsonI was reminded by my friend Tom Wise, President of Amendment Arms, just yesterday that when people call you a racist, they are in essence saying, “Your time is up, your culture is over, and we are dominating.”

Anyone else hearing that kind of talk in America now? Yeah, me too. Unfortunately for Robinson and the English, they are losing and will lose the culture war to Islam unless they take very drastic measures to destroy it.

I believe that America still has a great opportunity to destroy Islam. First we can do it with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Second with the law of God. Third with the Constitution, and finally with the State’s ability to outlaw its practice. For those who want to scream about the First Amendment, notice that the First Amendment is about restraining Congress, not the states.

As Publius Huldah has explained so eloquently, the states retain the right to implement such measures.

The video is well worth watching and well worth sharing to inform people who are skeptical of Islam.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.