Holding officers accountable is a difficult task at times. I have received comments in email and on Facebook from some people who have not taken kindly to some of our stories involving police officers. I stand by the stories posted and I realize the majority of those in law enforcement are not behaving badly. They are doing their jobs, but the others spoil the whole bunch. Such was the case with the account of Catrina Engle, which I relayed to you back in July. Engle was arrested because her toddlers dropped some pebbles in a postal mailbox, treated horribly by tyrannical police and then forced to endure a cavity search in public. Engle was convicted by Judge Keith Drill back in August. However, following an appeal, a jury found her not guilty!


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Catrina Engle

Catrina contacted Freedom Outpost shortly after we published the story to thank us for getting the word out. Her husband wrote to me this morning to inform me of some of the details regarding the outcome of his wife’s case.

According to Mr. Engle, “After the dash-cam video was uploaded to YouTube and the story hit the news, the city sent out an investigator from the mission PD, Detective Davis. He was to firm up a case against Catrina Engle.”

In Mission’s courthouse, Engle was charged with interference of a law enforcement officer & disorderly conduct.

“She was then lectured and chastised and sentenced to one year’s probation with mandatory counseling for further psychiatric evaluation by Mission’s Judge Keith Drill,” Mr. Engle told Freedom Outpost.

Mrs. Engle appealed the decision handed down by Judge Drill and took the case outside of their city to district court in Olathe, Kansas. The Non bias judge in Olathe, Kansas threw out the charge of “interference” due to lack of evidence and frankly “no grounds.”

The only charge left was disorderly conduct.

Following three days of trial, in an attempt to prosecute Mrs. Engle, David Martin, the City of Mission’s attorney asked that Catrina be charged for disorderly against her husband.

“We have that much as proof” Martin stated. “She was yelling at her husband on the phone. The phone records show Engle and her husband on the phone during the time she was in the Post Office.”

Mr. Engle told Freedom Outpost, “The look on the Judges face was priceless.”

He simply smirked and told his friend next to him “I’m not going to press charges,” and had a good laugh.

The judge stated that since that was not the original charge that the city had brought against Engle, the court would not go with that. The charge was that she was throwing rocks in a postal box and yelling at postal workers. “We will let the Jury decide on the charges originally brought against Mrs. Engle,” the judge said.

After less than an hour, the jury came back with a unanimous decision of “not guilty.”

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An entire city & police department tried to maliciously prosecute Catrina Engle and they lost!

Joseph Dioszehy, Engle’s attorney, was “brilliant in getting to the truth behind the ‘so called charges,'” said Mr. Engle.

Engle told Freedom Outpost, “Officer Tige Dean admitted his error in threatening Engle to have CPS come get her kids. Officer Tim Gift admitted that he came down on Engle’s back with his knee and that He weighed 200 pounds at the time, but is now up to 220lbs. Also, when Officer Gift was asked if he actually told Engle during booking that ‘At least you’re not being arrested for making lampshades out of human skin,’ Gifts said ‘I Might have said that.'”

“It was interesting that the Post Office manager testified that at no time did the prosecution or the Mission police request a video from the Post Office lobby,” Engle told Freedom Outpost. “The postal worker further testified it was only Engle’s attorney and myself who requested the lobby footage from the Post Office.”

“Michelle Pierce was caught in so many inconsistencies and outright lies that she is going to have a very bad day in Federal court,” said Engle. “Her story has changed over & over again.”

According to Engle, he said that Pierce “denied having performed the cavity search and said she never put her hands down Catrina’s pants,” even though dashcam video plainly shows her doing so.

At one point, Officer Michelle Pierce stated she arrested Engle for “resisting arrest.” She later changed her story to she was only detaining Engle.

Mr. Engle said he is incredibly thankful for his attorney Joseph Dioszeghy, who was up against the Mission, Kansas prosecutor, the city’s attorney and associates from Payne and Jones law firm. He says they had to fight the charges as if his wife were a murderer.

“The prosecution set up a photo copy machine with printer and a computer with wireless so they could pull statutes and object to any evidence the defense had to present,” Engle said. “The seasoned attorney Joe Dioszeghy overcame them all armed with simply a briefcase and the truth.”

The Mayor of Mission, Kansas Laura McConwell refused to comment to concerned citizens’ emails and calls received about this incident because she “makes it a practice to not comment on cases pending investigation.” The good news is the case is no longer pending any investigation.

What do you say Freedom Outpost readers? Let’s question Ms. McConwell now to see what she has to say about the tyrants in uniform in Mission, Kansas. Here’s her contact information:


[email protected]

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.