It seems those that don’t want others to have firearms have an uncontrollable desire to be surrounded by firearms. Take New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and outgoing New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly for example. Both men are hearty gun prohibitionists and have evidenced it as such in their politics and their practice against citizens, but not against themselves.

Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly at press conferenceWe already know that Mayor Bloomberg has plenty of guns that are used by bodyguards to protect him. We also know that Mr. Kelly has been surrounded by men with guns in his line of work. However, now that Kelly is leaving the police department, he’s requesting six NYPD detectives to keep him and his family safe. If that wasn’t enough, he’ll hit the taxpayer up for approximately $120,000 per year for each of those detectives.

NYMag reports:

 According to DNA Info, each man would make about $120,000 a year and the taxpayers would pick up the bill. (If approved, the arrangement will be reconsidered in six months.)

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While Kelly cited the fact that he will remain a “high profile target,” only one person in his position has taken a city-funded detail after serving. One anonymous former commissioner sniped, “Any ex-commissioner who can afford his own security or can have someone else pay for it should not foster the cost on the public.”

Only one other police commissioner has ever accepted taxpayer-funded police protection once they left office.

This will be the second time Kelly has asked for police protection at taxpayer expense. Following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, he kept one detective to chauffer him around town for four months.

“Any ex-commissioner who can afford his own security or can have someone else pay for it should not foster the cost on the public,” one former commissioner said. 

“Kelly probably needs some security considering possible threats,” a top police official said. “But this seems like a lot.”

Not to be outdone, Mayor Bloomberg will be having an even larger security team. He will be taking about seventeen of his bodyguard team. Though he will pay them from his own pocket $150,000 per year, these men will be allowed to retire immediately and still collect their city pensions from taxpayers.

“He wants them to go with him because they’ve been with him so long and know him personally,” some unnamed whisperer told the New York Post. “So he gives them plum jobs to keep their mouths shut.”

It must be good to be an elitist. I just wish they would stay out of everyone else’s desire to merely defend themselves with a firearm. After all, we aren’t in a position to gain security from taxpayers nor do we have money to pay seventeen armed bodyguards. This just goes to show the hypocrisy of these men.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.