Secretary-of-Navy-Administers-Oath-of-Enlistment-to-San-Diego-SailorsMr. Obama

I am a 54 year old white male, born and raised in Texas.  I grew up in an area that was racist to the core, Klan rallies on a regular basis, a Klan bookstore on Main Street. In spite of all that, I was raised to respect others, if not by my parents, by school teachers and others who were open minded and willing to look beyond skin color or other things that make one person different from another. As a young Marine, my grandfather served in China before WWII, my father served in Korea, and after High School I enlisted in the Navy. In other words, I was raised to respect my country, my flag, and all that it stands for. I served my country honorably for thirteen years, I worked in law enforcement for a short time after leaving the Navy. To this day I take the oath I swore to the People of this Nation, and our Constitution very seriously, it has no expiration date.

What you, your predecessor, and our other so called “leaders” of the House and Senate are doing to this country is reprehensible. When you were first elected I felt there might be a real possibility for change, but your lies and failed policies, your refusal to accept ANY responsibility, your total lack of respect for the people of this nation is appalling to say the least. You spend millions to keep your past hidden. You say one thing one day (” We are not listening to your phone calls”), and something totally different the next ( “You can’t have 100% security, and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience,” ). You sir, (and I use the word “sir” very loosely) are a complete and total fraud. You and all the others sent to Washington were sent there to represent US and our interests as a Nation, not to dictate and tear down the fabric of our society. All of you were elected to serve the country as a whole, not the special interests.

As long as I draw breath, I and others like me, will resist your efforts to destroy our Constitution and our way of life. I am proud to be an American, I am proud of my heritage and I shall resist your efforts to drag this country down to third world status. I have been a law abiding citizen all my life. I have played by the rules, gave up a good portion, if not the best years of my life in defense of this Nation. I refuse to sit idly by as you and your cohorts tear this country apart  with your race baiting and other divisive tactics.  I DO NOT FEAR YOU, and I shall not live in fear. Again, your job is to serve We the People.

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With Extreme Resolve

Bret W. Bourg

Bret Bourg is the Editor of