Watch: The Knock Out Game Takes Cowardly, Anti-Social, Degenerate Behavior To A New Low

The ‘knock out game’ is not the first time teens with nothing better to do have gone around attacking strangers. Remember the ‘Happy Slapping’ craze a few years ago?

The knock out game however has taken degenerate, cowardly and anti-social behavior to a new low.

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I would bet my last dollar that these kids who roam the streets looking for victims wouldn’t have the balls to take someone on in a face to face fight. This is why they need to attack from the back or side, quite literally blindsiding their victims.

This shocking video shows how these imbeciles walk up to innocent strangers and punch them with such force that many victims are unconscious before they hit the floor.

The damage that can be done from a punch is bad enough but the force of a head bouncing off a sidewalk can cause life long debility and even death.

Lets hope someone bigger and better gets a chance to give these vermin a good hiding before the bodies start mounting up.


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