I’m always looking around, in search of American made products, at a recent visit to Hobby Lobby craft stores last week, it was noted the majority of their inventory was imported mostly from China. 

I was shocked because after reading how much this company are patriot Americans with Christians beliefs, even making headlines about taking on the Supreme court so they don’t have to offer birth control/morning after pills to their employees, I thought surely items in their stores would be American made.


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I did email a note to the main office to ask about my findings and concerns regarding this, I was told by a spokesperson that they though they do hire US they aren’t always able to get the items they want from the USA, and went down the list of what they are able to manufacture in the US.

Here is the email I received from Hobby Lobby in my response to my inquiry:

“Thank you for expressing your concerns about where our products come from and for giving us a chance to respond. In many ways, I cannot agree with you more. Unfortunately, we have no alternative but to go over seas, simply because many of the items we sell are no longer produced in the United States. Some of the items we sell have never been manufactured here.

One thing that Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. has done is to employ more Americans is to open our own manufacturing facility. We employee almost four hundred employees who make items sold in our stores. Some of the products we manufacture are our store fixtures, candles, potpourri, candle making supplies, soap making supplies, major portion of our scrapbook paper, all paper used in our stores (ad signage, free project sheets, wall posters, custom frame tickets, job applications, basically anything used in our store that is paper), rubber stamps, Ficus trees, matt board for custom framing, canvas for painting, pillows, craft wood, all barn wood frames and all of our custom frames. Additionally, we employ developmentally challenged adults full time to help in packaging items for our stores.

One other thing we do to take care of all of our full time employees across the United States is that we increased our company’s minimum wage to $14.00 hr which exceeds the federal standard ($7.75) and we offer a benefit package. Part time employees start at $9.50.”

My thought is why not START getting hard to find items manufactured in America?