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Scientists experimenting on mice have found that with artificial insemination techniques only two small genes are required to produce offspring.

Further experiments are continuing to see if the Y chromosome can be done away with altogether.

The research is being conducted as part of an investigation into male infertility. (source)

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I love science, it rocks my world, but to me this is bad science. Before all those who are unfortunate enough not to be able to have children attack me, please listen to my reasoning.

I am all for anything that can assist people in there journey into parenthood. The joys (and heartaches) of watching your children grow, guiding them through life, is the most wonderful thing imaginable.

What I am not in favor of is science pretending to be looking into male infertility when in actual fact they are trying to do away with men as part of the reproductive process.

The days when science was for the good of humanity are long gone…unless of course you believe that controlling the number of babies born is good for humanity. We know for a fact that many people actually think this is the way forward.

Depopulation and population control is the holy grail for those that seek to dominate the planet. Backed by the United Nations and Agenda 21, we have known for a while that their aim is to reduce the numbers living on planet Earth by well over 95%.

Just last week Bill Gates announced that he was aiming to start to produce the strongest condoms on the planet. (source)

Scientists these days rely on grants and benefactors, and many of those responsible for distributing the money are the very people that want to reduce global population. Many of the benefactors, such as Bill Gates, dictate what the science will be and what the goals of that science is.

Once the research is complete, and it is known for a fact that pregnancy can be created completely artificially, then there is no need for men to be  fertile. It’s at this point, once the science has been tested a few dozen times on infertile males, that it would be deemed ‘safe’ to render men infertile.

How much more simple would it be to control population from the lab? For governments to decide how many people get to have children this year? To decide which people get to have children this year?

It’s far too risky to target women. Doing that could screw things up to the point where the women’s infertility is permanently affected, and the required population cannot be controlled at the required level. It’s far better to make males infertile, and females still able to conceive via assisted fertilization.

This is bad science, and probably, within our lifetimes, it will be followed by even worse science.

Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

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