There is a candidate lurking for a 2016 run that could change our nation’s history forever, and not in a good way. I am going to go on record with a prediction here and I honestly hope I end up with egg on my face.

It is my belief that a 3rd party candidate is being hand-picked and/or groomed as we speak. This is not just a normal 3rd party candidate that will get 1-2% of the vote. I believe this candidate will be more like Ross Perot and seriously complicate the election while guaranteeing that Hillary Clinton will become our next president.

It’s time for a reality check. We need to look no further than the recent Virginia Governor’s race. 

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It was not necessarily the strength of McAuliffe that defeated Ken Cuccinelli. It was more the presence of a third party (Libertarian) candidate named Robert Sarvis who was able to gain 6.5% of the popular vote. Most of those votes came from Cuccinelli and thus guaranteed a McAuliffe victory.

I do not fault Sarvis or the Libertarian Party for competing in this election and trying to win. But people need to understand that most third party votes will come from the GOP, at least until third party candidates from the hard left (Socialist Party, Communist Party, etc.) start to become more relevant.

OK, now here’s the point… Do you not think that the democrats know what happened in Virginia? Do you not think they took notes?

Do you not think that Hillary Clinton will use this same strategy to win an election in 2016?

Of course she will use it. Some say that her and Bill invented it.

The 2016 race is shaping up to be more than Clinton versus “To Be Announced” Republican. It is shaping up to be Clinton and some third party useful idiot versus that unnamed Republican. And that is a combination that is going to be difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE, to beat.

I want to take you back to an article I wrote on October 24th, because within that article was an interview with Larry Nichols who was around during both of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns:

“Everybody thought Ross Perot was trying to win. As a matter of fact he got close to winning. Now all of the sudden he went crazy and kind of backed out and got back in. What people didn’t know is that he was put in as a ringer. Hillary was leading the charge for the health care program and Ross Perot had the computer contract, his company, for the health care program. Fortunately it didn’t get passed.”

That is a pretty bold statement coming from a former Clinton confidant. What we need to understand is that it doesn’t matter if Perot was a complicit “ringer” or just a guy who was trying to win an election. What matters is how he effected the election. He took enough votes from Bush Senior to put Wild Bill in office. That’s a fact.

Seeing as how the Clintons have benefited from this strategy before, don’t think that they will not go there again. Much of the controversy around Sarvis in Virginia is that it was democrats who were kicking in a large percentage of his campaign funds.

Why wouldn’t they?

It works.

Is is dirty? Yes.

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Is it illegal? No.

I am an independent but a hard core conservative. I don’t bow to the GOP but when it comes time for elections you will see a lot of red on my ballot. I look at what happened in Virginia and look at the strong probability of Hillary Clinton being the democratic nominee in 2016 and it makes me nauseous.

She is nearly unbeatable and it’s not because of her virtues. It’s because her campaign will be run ten times more efficiently than Barack Obama’s ever was and probably 20 times better than recent GOP failures. These people have been there, done it and will do anything they have to do to win. Period.

It doesn’t matter what third party candidate emerges in 2016. The democrats will find a way to funnel money into that campaign and make the person more relevant than they ever should have been, just like one Robert Sarvis of Virginia.

Again, why wouldn’t they do it when it is proven to work?

This is why I am writing less and less about politics these days and more and more about personal freedoms and the need to stand up. My belief is that the fix is already in for 2016.

When people chant these catchy phrases like “by bullet or by ballot” I hope they mean it, because we might have to find out much sooner than you think.