Ya’ll are going to be reading about me as far as this obamacare farce is concerned. I WILL NOT BE FORCED TO PURCHASE THIS INSURANCE INDUSTRY EXTORTION      PERIOD!  With the IRS being involved, how long do you think it will take before they take the homes of those who refuse this “Affordable Care Act” bullshit?The Constitution is clear that congress, the president and the supreme court are subject to all laws written for our benefit. No exceptions, no exemptions. If it’s good enough for US, it’s good enough for THEM. Quite frankly, I have grown quite weary of our imperial government rubbing our faces in the excrement they call laws. Especially those written since 9-11-01… As I write this I am listening to a History Channel documentary concerning the various civil wars in Africa… most of them due to fighting over diamonds and other commodities. People need to wake the f*** up NOW, and remove these dirtbags from office before we sink to the level of fighting in the street over scraps of what once was a great nation.

To every one of you reading this, I cannot stress the importance of you going to your family members, your neighbors and friends and educate them about what is happening today, this very minute, in our country. The president has surrounded himself with radicals such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Van Jones and Valerie Jarret. He has allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to enter the White House in key positions, he is even sending them F-16′s and Abrams tanks to use against their opponents in Egypt and throughout the Middle east.

Read this….. ….not just from this source, but several others, and then tell me that I’m crazy. You can’t.  What more is it going to take? We have already allowed the criminals in Washington to chip away at our freedoms a little chip here, another over there….. now they are about to take it ALL and many are just cheering them on.

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Obama is just a man, congress and the supreme court are just men and women. They were chosen to go to Washington to serve us, not to dictate. If we allow these crimes against the People to continue, we shall get what we deserve.  Our leaders are not serving us, they are not upholding their oath to support and defend The Constitution of the United States. We must demand in no uncertain terms that they do so for the good of all legal Americans. We must be willing to stand, renounce and nullify anything that is counter to The Constitution and Bill of Rights. If we do not do this NOW, how many lifetimes will it take before we regain our freedom?

Bret Bourg is the Editor of TreeTopFlyer20.