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Are you a bully without a victim?  Do you enjoy harassing people, humiliating women, and dominating those who attempt to stand up for themselves? Do you like to beat people with a billy club, taze them for looking at you funny, and kick them repeatedly in the ribs when their handcuffed and curled up on the ground?

If so, we have a place for you on our team!  It’s time to love your work!  Call today to set up an interview. 

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Call 1(800)BEA-THUG today or contact the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

Do you ever wonder why are cops today so horrible, corrupt, and abusive?

According to an article in the LA Times, it appears that a history of this type of behavior does not have a negative effect on their job prospects with the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Dozens of applicants with histories of incompetence, poor performance, and out-and-out wrongdoing were brought on.

The question is, were they hired in spite of this or because of it?

Here are some of the chilling findings from the journalists’ investigation of the personnel files.

Ultimately, about 280 county officers were given jobs, including applicants who had accidentally fired their weapons,  had sex at work and solicited prostitutes, the records show.

For nearly 100 hires, investigators discovered evidence of dishonesty, such as making untrue statements or falsifying police records. At least 15 were caught cheating on the department’s own polygraph exams.

Twenty-nine of those given jobs had previously had been fired or pressured to resign from other law enforcement agencies over concerns about misconduct or workplace performance problems. Nearly 200 had been rejected from other agencies because of past misdeeds, failed entrance exams or other issues.

Several of those with past misconduct have been accused of wrongdoing since joining the department, including one deputy who was terminated after firing his service weapon during a dispute outside a fast-food restaurant.

David McDonald was hired despite admitting to sheriff’s investigators he had a relationship with a 14-year-old girl whom he  kissed and groped. He was 28 at the time.

“I was in love,” he said in an interview with The Times. “I wasn’t being a bad guy.”

McDonald had been fired from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department amid allegations he used excessive force on prisoners. A fellow deputy told a supervisor that he didn’t want to work with McDonald because he harassed inmates.

L.A. County sheriff’s officials made him a jail guard, a decision that surprised even McDonald.

“How can you put me back in the jails when I already had a problem there?” McDonald told the newspaper.

Since being hired by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, McDonald said he has been disciplined in connection with using physical force on an inmate.  (source)

LA County Sheriff Lee Baca declined to comment on the allegations, but his spokesman told the LA Times that ‘Baca was not aware people with such backgrounds were hired.’

With horrifying stories of police brutality and abuse in the news on a daily basis, these hiring practices definitely bring forth the question of whether the law enforcement agencies are actually looking for thugs to put into uniform.

Could human resources in one department have honestly made exceptions for or overlooked wrongdoing 280 times in one year? Or are they looking specifically for those who have proven to be brutal and dishonest cops?

Be sure and check out the rest of the stomach-turning information in this special report: Behind the Badge.


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Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York.