The video below was from late last week as illegal immigrants attempted to cross the Mexican/American border in California. Around the 2 minute mark is where the action really starts to pick up, and US Border Patrol agents have to begin dispersing the massive crowd of illegal border jumpers who start throwing bottles and rocks at them.

The mass border crossing started over a week ago with fliers being handed out “at the Padre Chava breakfast hall for migrants and deportees in Tijuana,” according to a local San Diego news source, KPBS on Tuesday.

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The flier read in part “So that we can reunite with our children, families…and for those who want the American dream and so that we can help our families succeed.”

According to the article, the flier “continued in rambling fashion, ending with a call for discretion and ‘Sí se puede!’ written three times.”

“Sí se puede,” is the motto of the United Farm Workers and a common rallying cry for “immigration reform.” According to the article, the “tactic of rushing the border en masse” is not unprecedented. In fact, it was “common” in the early 1990′s, not too long after Ronald Reagan passed the failed Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

Richard Marosi of the LA Times wrote:

border_rush_note_t700More than 100 people pelted U.S. Border Patrol agents with rocks and bottles during a rowdy confrontation Sunday afternoon along the U.S.-Mexico border, federal authorities said.

Nobody was seriously injured and it’s not clear whether the crowd was trying to enter the U.S. illegally or hold a demonstration, but the sight of a large crowd surging beyond the border rattled nerves.

Agents said it harked to the days in the 1990s when migrants would run across the border en masse, in so-called banzai runs that would overwhelm agents. As the crowd on Sunday crossed the Tijuana River into California, more than one dozen agents responded to the border fence atop the levee and deployed pepper spray to hold them back, triggering the melee.

“It was extremely unusual,” said agent Timothy Hamill, an agency spokesman. “It was dangerous, very dangerous.”

Paul Beeson, the chief patrol agent for the agency’s San Diego sector, said, “While attacks on Border Patrol agents are not uncommon, the agents showed great restraint when faced with the dangers of this unusually large group.”

These are the same kinds of people that Barack Obama, Senate and Congressional Democrats and even some Republican congressmen and senators want to allow to have amnesty in America, should they get a foot across the border. Make no mistake, our stance on allowing illegals into this country and getting a pass for breaking the law only encourages more lawlessness by these same individuals.

la-me-ln-us-border-patrol-agents-attacked-mexi-001I think there should never be talk of amnesty, period. There should be talk of border security, and then there should be talk of enforcing the law. After all, we are not talking about just illegal Mexicans crossing the border, we’re talking about Islamic jihadists coming across the border into the states as well.

Homeland Security has already told us they can arrest and deport every illegal in the US for a little over $100 billion. If they can do that, and that is part of their job, then why are they not doing it? I think it’s because we are not holding their feet to the fire and demanding that they do their job.

I’m all for immigration, but I’m not for amnesty and I’m not for allowing just anyone inside the borders of the United States. Frederick Douglas rightly said:

“If we would reach a degree of civilization higher and grander than any yet attained, we should welcome to our ample continent all nations, kindreds [sic] tongues and peoples; and as fast as they learn our language and comprehend the duties of citizenship, we should incorporate them into the American body politic. The outspread wings of the American eagle are broad enough to shelter all who are likely to come.”

Why is this a responsibility that the American people must hold its government to? It is because that is part of the duty we have as citizens. If the government we have elected is not performing its task, then it is our responsibility to remove that government and hold them accountable. When we fail to do that and all we do is moan and complain, but never act to remove those in power, we are consenting to the lawless acts of the government and the illegals who cross our borders.

As one Christian patriot stated quite simply, “America, not to speak is to speak, and not to act is to act. It is time to speak and to act. The American people cannot stand down. Silence is consent.”

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.

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