Superbowl Sunday - Kneel DownFor those of you who may have missed it, there is a very tasteful ad from Daniel Defense that has been banned from airing on this year’s Super Bowl broadcast.


I like the ad. I think it is done tastefully and gets the point across without making the man sound like a pro-gun extremist.

Wait a second… I am a pro-gun extremist. What is wrong with that?

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Nothing is wrong with that. I am entitled to my beliefs. I just happen to be quite a bit right of people who claim that they are the right.

In fact, Alex Jones recently took an impassioned stand for people like me who love our country and our constitution.


What do you think? Is Jones correct? Has the NFL become just another tool used in the dumbing down of America?

He might be right in that assessment but I don’t think that any kind of boycott is in order here. In fact I kind of respect the NFL for saying “no” to this ad.

What? How can I say that?

It’s because the NFL has a right to remain neutral and if you look at a previous story you might see that this is exactly what they are trying to do.

A lot of people will remember the story about the Baltimore Ravens accepting money to push Obamacare to the American people.

What people probably forget is that the NFL said “no” to promoting Obamacare and that was a decision made solely by the Baltimore Ravens organization.

So if the NFL wants to steer clear of promoting the causes of the left then I have no problem with them not endorsing the causes of the right either. I think it is OK for them to remain as politically neutral as possible and I respect their attempt to do that.

The truth is that they know that running this ad, no matter how subtle it is, would enrage the left.

The NFL just wants our money. Left-handed dollars spend the same as right-handed dollars.

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Would I like to see that commercial run on Super Bowl Sunday?

I surely would.

I think people need to see it.

But boycotting the NFL because they don’t take up our cause is silly.

If the entire NFL, and not just the Ravens, was actively promoting liberal issues then I might feel different. That does not appear to be the case.

I respect Alex Jones immensely because I think he has the guts to take on issues that very few will. I just happen to disagree with him quite often. The NFL may not be entirely healthy as an entertainment choice, but I don’t think they have knowingly and willingly grabbed hold of any leftist agenda.

I am a consistent supporter of the 2nd amendment but that doesn’t mean that when someone doesn’t see things my way that I should cry about it and act like a child. If I boycotted everything I was told to boycott I’d be one miserable guy.

Pick your battles my friends. Some things are worth getting upset about but I personally don’t think this is one of them.

The only way I am boycotting the Super Bowl is if the mainstream media continues to misreport my team’s scores. I promise you we are undefeated no matter what you are hearing in the media. 🙂

What do you think? Disagree?

State your case. This is America and this site still respects your freedom of speech.