We have an evil man in the White House.

Wanna know how evil Barack Hussein Obama is?

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Bill Elliott has cancer and got a cancellation notice from his medical insurance because of Obamacare. A new health plan would mean an increase in his insurance premium of 833%. So Elliott decided he will “let nature take its course” and not get medical insurance because “I won’t put a burden on my family.”

In other words, Bill Elliott is choosing death. (See my post on him here).

Guess what?

President Lucifer’s IRS is now auditing Bill Elliott.

Bill Elliott

From Investor’s Business Daily‘s editorial of December 3, 2013:

Like the Tea Party before him, Elliott faces an IRS audit for speaking out against the ObamaCare that canceled his insurance coverage he liked and was promised he could keep.

He appeared recently on Charleston, S.C.’s WQSC and was told by the radio host that “you stood up and spoke out about how ObamaCare screwed over your insurance and probably would kill you, and what’s the next thing that happened? You get audited by the IRS. That is not a coincidence.”

Elliott responded, “No, it’s not.”

Bill Elliott had voted for the very man whose unAffordable Care Act is consigning him to an early death and who is now punishing him for speaking out with an IRS anal probe.

Elliott has discovered, too late, that he’s one of President Lucifer’s useful idiots.

H/t Patriot Action Network


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