Special Ops

Special operations (S.O.) are military operations that are considered “special” (that is, unconventional), usually carried out by dedicated special forces units.

Special Operations Speaks (SOS) is a PAC (political action committee) of Special Ops veterans who are critical of Obama, founded by veteran Larry Bailey – a 27-year Navy SEAL.

Here’s SOS’s message to Obama:

Show the Video, Mr. President!

They knew what was going on in Benghazi.

President Obama knew. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew. The heads of our military and intelligence services knew. They all knew our brave former SEALs and diplomats were pinned down by an enemy attack. They knew sovereign U.S. territory was being brazenly violated by armed militias.

And They Didn’t Lift A Finger!

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Show us that video, Mr. President. Let us see the attack you sat back and watched. Let us see what our Department of Defense knew and when it knew it. Stand up and be held to account. Stop hiding behind your cronies, the State Department and behind the military leaders you hold in such utter contempt. Just once step forward and wear the blame for what you allowed to transpire.

But as we all know, you won’t because then everyone would see what you really think of America’s fighting forces. You won’t because it would reveal what those of us at Special Operations Speaks have always known – that you are singularly unfit to command our military.

You won’t because it will show that our leaders knew beyond a shawdow of a doubt that we were under attack – not by some angry mob over some obscure video but by a coordinated fighting force with a specific mission andsufficient command and control to destroy our facility and kill our people in Benghazi.

At SOS, we are former Special Operations soldiers. We know how these fights begin … and end. We know that in combat men are isolated from their support,and sometimes lost.  We have never, though, witnessed the willful withholding of support from American soldiers in mortal danger.  We have never seen a commander-in-chief wander from his command post, go to bed and then casually fly away the next day to tend to his campaign ambitions. These actions were cowardly and selfish, NOT the actions of an honorable American president.

We’re never going to let this issue go. . . Barack Obama is our President. Hillary Clinton wants to be. They both are unfit – by virtue of their actions on this night alone – to lead our troops. When the red phone rang, no one answered. We are going to make this egregious and shameful violation of the American warrior ethos public until those responsible are brought to justice!

We need your help to do this. We are a small organization with a tremendously complex and difficult mission ahead of us – to ensure Americans understand the true character of those who now lead us and would aspire to do so in the future. Help us today. Your contribution of 100.00 or 200.00 or 500.00 will enable us to keep on demanding that this most disgusting of presidents and his former Secretary of State give us the answers we deserve.

This was an American tragedy like none other. No longer can our fighting men and women go into combat with the knowledge that they won’t be left behind. They have to assume they might.

Because on that night in Benghazi, our president did exactly that.

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Dick Brauer, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)
Co-Founder of Special Operation Speaks

To Contribute by check:
Special Operations Speaks PAC
717 King Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314

To sign SOS’s petition calling for a special (“select”) Congressional committee to investigate Benghazi, click here.


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.