A baby at 4 months. Does this look like a tumor to you?

Pro-aborts refer to the baby growing inside a woman’s womb as a “parasite” and “tumor.”

In the case of a woman in England named Nicola Weller, the baby “tumor” in her womb actually dissolved her real cancerous tumor.

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Steven Ertelt reports for LifeNews, Dec. 4, 2013, that Nicola Weller went to the hospital for surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her womb.

There, a scan showed she was pregnant even though she had been fitted with the IUD contraceptive coil. But the scan also showed her pregnancy hormones had caused the tumor to disintegrate.

In other words, Weller’s unborn baby saved her life.

Weller decided to carry the baby to full term and gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Brandon (see pic below) in September 2010.

Her cancer has not returned.

Brandon and Nicola Weller

The UK’s Daily Mail has more:

This is the miracle baby who saved his mother’s life – by destroying a cancerous tumour that was growing in her womb.

Doctors feared for Nicola Weller’s life when they discovered a tumour in her womb after she had complained about a swelling under her ribs.

Mrs Weller first discovered the swelling under her rib in September 2009. She went to see her GP who referred her to Bridport Community Hospital in Dorset for a scan.

Doctors told her there was a tumour growing around her womb and she needed an operation to remove it.

She was referred for a hospital scan 12 weeks later prior to an operation to remove it, but when they carried out the scan, doctors made the most startling discovery.

Weller, 29, was unknowingly seven weeks pregnant – despite using the contraceptive coil – and the pregnancy hormones had caused the tumour to disintegrate.

Mrs Weller, a recruitment specialist, said: ‘It was absolutely unbelievable. I hadn’t planned to get pregnant and I’d had the contraceptive coil fitted.

‘So getting pregnant was a miracle in itself – but to find that my unborn baby had caused this tumour to disappear was a further miracle. All that was left on the scan was a few blobs of blood floating around. There was no other sign of it. My baby ended up saving my life. Without him I may not have been here today.’

Nicola Weller’s experience is not so unusual.

In fact, there is stunning new scientific evidence that, far from being a  ”tumor,” the human “fetus” actually is a symbiote — the exact opposite of a parasite.

The baby growing inside a woman’s womb passes his/her fetal cells — embryonic stem cells! — to the mother, and those cells protect the mother from breast cancer and other diseases.

More than that, the protective effect endures for the rest of the woman’s life — even if the woman had aborted killed her baby. [Sob…]

Read more about this in my post, “Baby in womb protects mom from disease,” Jan. 15, 2012.

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