Texas Congressman Steve Stockman, a Tea Party favorite, has announced that he is throwing his hat into the ring to run against current Texas Senator John Cornyn in the Texas Republican primary Election on March 4, 2014.

The announcement has shocked many, coming at the 11th hour on the filing deadline day.

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“You are in a foxhole fighting to save our constitutional Republic, and the last thing you need is a Republican bayonet in your back,” Stockman wrote in an email. “But that’s what liberal John Cornyn has been doing to you every day. And we have less than 90 days to stop him.”

David Bellow writes:

Stockman was well known for defeating Liberal Democrat Congressman Jack Brooks in East Texas many years ago. He came roaring back to Congress in 2012 to fight Obama. Stockman is considered as the most fearless conservative in the U.S. House and has a 100% lifetime conservative rating. Stockman’s record as a staunch conservative is clear, from introducing bills to stop Obamacare, to introducing bills to stop killing babies, to introducing bills to audit the Federal Reserve, to introducing bills to protect gun rights, to inviting Ted Nugent to the President’s State of the Union, to inviting the Obama rodeo clown to Texas.

One of my favorite bumper stickers ever is a Steve Stockman bumper sticker that says “If Babies Had Guns They Wouldn’t Be Aborted.”

This announcement from Congressman Stockman has completely turned the political world in Texas, and America, upside down. Who will win is anyone’s guess, but John Cornyn certainly has a race on his hands!

Cornyn was the Texas senator that broke ranks with Texas Senator Ted Cruz in fighting against Obamacare.

Stockman is not the only challenger to Cornyn, but I’ll bet he garners the most votes.

“I am honored to be called the most fearless conservative in Congress, and proud of my perfect 100% lifetime conservative rating,” Stockman touted. “I am leading the fight for our values.”

Stockman added, “Texas is a conservative state.  Texas needs a conservative senator. That is why I am running to be Texas’ no-compromise conservative champion in the United States Senate.”

He then pointed out his record:

  • 100% lifetime pro-life rating
  • Original sponsor of the Sanctity of Life Act and will block any federal judge who is not 100% pro-life
  • Sponsoring the Sanctity of Life Act again, H.R. 2764.  It would automatically overturn Roe v. Wade, protecting human life between conception and birth.
  • 100% lifetime pro-gun rating
  • Worked with Senator Rand Paul to introduce legislation blocking Obama’s gun-grabbing executive orders.
  • Introduced legislation to block and nullify all anti-gun UN treaties.
  • Introduced H.R.35, the Safe Schools Act, to stop school shootings by allowing teachers, parents and school personnel to carry legal firearms on school property.
  • Introduced H.R.577, the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act, to stop the gun-grabbing scheme of denying constitutional rights to peaceful veterans who have simply seen a doctor to talk about their wartime experience.
  • Introduced H.R.3199, the Safe Military Bases Act, to overturn the dangerous Clinton gun ban on military bases that turned Fort Hood into a killing zone.
  • Along with Senator Rand Paul, I am the House sponsor of the Audit The Fed bill, H.R. 33.

Representative Stockman has been on the side of the people. He has hands out Articles of Impeachment to every member of the House, been very outspoken about Obama and his administration aiding and abetting voter fraud, took on Ted Cruz’s challenge to defund Obamacare in the House of Representatives, pushed back against the establishment Republican leadership to demand a special committee to investigate and get answers on Benghazi, and also taken on the Obama birth certificate issue!

Rep. Stockman is also opposed to amnestygun prohibition legislation and the NSA’s spying on American civilians without warrant. The man even opposed the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty and gave away an AR-15 this year!

Sounds to me like Stockman just may give Cornyn a run for his money and join forces with Ted Cruz and others in the United States Senate, giving a voice to true conservatives. I wish him well in his endeavor.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.