Mark McFarlin


McFarlin believes that Obama has waived his right to privacy in the matter when he assumed the office of President. He also believes that Bill and Hillary Clinton were the first “birthers,” as he references them as those who first looked in the background of Barack Obama back in 2007. McFarlin made reference to a friend of the Clinton’s who was murdered as they were making a big deal of this back in 2008. This was also referenced in the interview that Jerome Corsi did with Bettina Viviano, who had an insider’s view of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign (which you can view below).

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The person McFarlin was referencing was a close friend of the Clintons, Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney, who was killed on August 13, 2008. Gwatney was shot three times by a man that entered the Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock and was subsequently killed by police after a chase. No motive was ever found, but one obviously questions whether it was to send a signal to Bill and Hillary to back off.

Both Viviano and McFarlin believe that the Clintons got the message, because both said that the Clintons from then on out, simply became quiet about the matter. In fact, Viviano said that it also led to a threat on the life of the Clinton’s daughter Chelsea.

Mr. McFarlin said that an international team needs to be compiled to examine the long form birth certificate in Hawaii, if it exists. Israeli Scientists, as well as Lord Christopher Monckton have already come to the conclusion that the Obama birth certificate is a forgery. Obama’s own attorney even took a similar stance as she argued it couldn’t be used to keep him off the ballot in New Jersey. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that the Obama birth certificate issue was a “national security issue.” McFarlin believes that a thorough investigation of the actual document, not a copy, could go a long way in authenticating the document. So far, all we have seen is a computer generated image, and that is questionable at best.

According to McFarlin, the Clintons did their homework on Obama’s background prior to the 2008 campaign. They would have had to in order to know their opponent. This is why they can be said to be the first birthers.

“We need to look at the original birth certificate,” McFarlin said. “Until we do that, we cannot determine whether this (the image of the birth certificate offered by the White House) is real or not.”

McFarlin simply wants to verify whether or not fraud is taking place. I think most people who have examined the evidence thus far, which is readily available would conclude that there is reason to question whether or not Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is eligible for the office of President of the United States.

The host asked McFarlin if he would release his own college records as he is running for office. Without hesitation, McFarlin said that he would because to him, “it’s no big deal.”

He went on to make the point that whether Obama got an “A,” “B,” or a “C” wasn’t an issue. What he believes, like many of us do, is that the records may contain evidence of his attending college as a foreigner. Surely Obama’s college records are not part of national security, though they may be sealed in order to protect the guilty.

McFarlin also was asked about Obama’s Selective Service form, which was ran in a full page ad, in the Washington Time weekly paper, on Monday.

The Michigan gubernatorial candidate made specific mention of the fact that Obama is the only person with a two digit date on his Selective Service form.

Mr. McFarlin said that he would compare the questions surrounding Barack Obama and his past, along with the fraudulent documents to the Warren Report that was issued following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He said, “It’s been fifty years since the Kennedy assassination, and they are still hiding. We need to look at this (Obama’s documents) now. The US legislature has to act upon this, because if they don’t act upon this, I’m afraid that what will happen is that they will bury it.”

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There’s much more in the interview, but I consider this a pretty big deal that a Democrat, who is running for the governorship of Michigan, is willing to say this needs to be seriously investigated by Congress. What do you think?

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.