How was this fake sign language interpreter even let into the stadium? Source: The Young Turks (TYT)

The whole world is laughing at the hapless fellow who was next to President Obama during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela on the 10th of December in Johannesburg. He was supposedly there as the official interpreter for the deaf community but clearly had no idea how to “sign”.

Once people stop laughing the question of security is discussed. Who was this guy, how did he get into the bullet proof enclosure, etc. The answer is really quite simple and makes a public mockery of the outpourings of love and adoration for Mandela’s true legacy. The ANC’s black-economic-empowerment laws Madiba’s dream come true are responsible for the joke but in reality the are anything but funny.

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The laws are designed to redress past wrongs by ensuring that black business ownership is increased and white men are precluded from applying for jobs in South Africa. Work and contracts are awarded on a points system based mainly on colour. The top points would be given to a black, female with a disability and the lowest to a white male. Ability, credentials and experience are low down on the criteria list.

This is how someone who was clearly incompetent could land a job that placed him next to the world’s top leaders and watched by millions. It was not his fault, or for that matter the fault of the organizers. It was a result of the legal way things are done in the so called Rainbow Nation – Black Economic Empowerment (BEE).

The stringent BEE laws have caused huge misery to a large number of the country’s 3.5-million whites. Last year saw an estimated 40% rise in the impoverishment rate leaving an estimated 700 000 whites living below the breadline in squalid squatter’s camps. An increasing number of elderly whites starve to death with no one to help them.

The dignitaries at the funeral would not have seen these squatters camps as their motorcades sped of to the stadium and they never hear about the problem because the ANC insists there are no poor whites.

In 2010 SA President Jacob Zuma personally visited two white squatter camps with a large local media contingent – and promised that they would be given government help. This never happened. In fact the laws were tightened to the point that retail food chains are no longer allowed to deliver their excess food to the white squatter camps. Even orphanages that include white children have lost their subsidies. This has been taken a step further and anyone wanting to adopt a child first has to consider adopting a black child, then a Coloured, then Indian and only then a white child. Before Nelson Mandela took over as President the Afrikaner nation was the single-largest group of employers of black people in South Africa, employing an estimated 6 million black workers.

It has taken the ANC just two decades to reduce a significant portion of this minority to abject poverty. The draconian BEE laws aimed at reducing wealth of whites have also had a shocking impact on the black people who are suffering through unemployment. The ANC has tried to rectify this aspect of the problem by employing vast numbers of black people in various levels of Government. The ANC now employs some 22.6% (3,072,000 people) of the country’s entire working population regardless of qualification or even, in many instances, basic ability.

This situation is fast becoming untenable as only a small minority of 1.5 million taxpayers pay 87% of all taxes in South Africa. To keep the masses happy the ANC also doles out a range of State benefits which reached R120 billion this year alone. On top of this is the corruption which has become synonymous with the ANC rule.

At Mandela’s memorial Service President Zuma was openly booed by thousands around the packed stadium because he is regularly under investigation for massive corruption. His latest multi billion rand upgrades to his home seem to have gone beyond the pale even for the ANC faithful.

The respected US based organisation, Genocide Watch has been warning of a white genocide in South Africa for a number of years. Genocide is not just based on hate murders (203 white men women and children were tortured and murdered in 2013 alone excluding those who survived the torture) it factors in dispossession, marginalization and demonization. The rate at which whites are being murdered, denied work opportunities, having their land reclaimed and generally being portrayed as the reason for the country’s present problems clearly indicates a looming genocide of the white minority.

Although this is not his first major ANC gig, authorities will be scrambling to feed the world a good story about the fiasco around their chosen signer, Thamsanqa Jantjie. One thing is for sure – not a word about BEE will cross any ANC lips.

The true situation is in brutal contrast to the claims of peace and minority inclusion that Mandela’s adoring fans believe he gifted the country.


Africadesk is based in Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, and is a Stringer for Allvoices.

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Editor’s Note: Reuters and other sources in the USA are reporting that Thamsanqa Jantjie is a “champion” signer and who claims to have suffered from a schizophrenic episode during the event. So why did I choose to print this? “Africadesk” is a contact of mine who lived in South Africa and knows about the inner workings of the South African government. This reporter only resides in New Zealand because of being forced to flee South Africa. If anyone, within my circle of contacts, knows the truth it would be “Africadesk.” -Dean Garrison