KWS snowy drive.JPGFor those of us who live in the North Country, Winter can be hazardous to our health. Every year you hear of someone who drove off the road in a snow storm and died of hypothermia or was asphyxiated by their vehicles exhaust system when the tail pipe was plugged with snow.

This is what I do every winter just in case I should be unlucky enough to drive off the road where I cannot be seen.  I do this every October to get ready for the snows, slush, ice storms, and everything else Mother Nature wants to throw at us.

I start with a 5 gallon plastic pail with lid and I fill it with survival items that will keep me alive for at least 3 to 5 days.  My list is as follows:

6 – Bottles of water forming a circle on the bottom of the pail

2 – Space bags for warmth

1 – Six pack of chocolate bars

4 – Boxes of raisins

1 – Pack of Dried Jerky, I prefer Buffalo not spicy

4 – Candles, a candle will heat a small area in no time flat

1 – Small saucer plate to hold the candle and to catch the wax that melts

1 – Pack of dried fruit

1 – Pair of warm socks

1 – Pair of warm gloves

2 – New lighters

1 – Good flashlight with new batteries

1 – Knitted hat

You Might Like

1 – Scarf

The above equipment fits very nicely in a 5 gallon pail with room to spare.  I also have a pair of warm boots on the floor in back seat area and I keep a nice wool blanket as a backup for the space blankets.

WARNING:  Do not run your engine unless you get out and make sure the tail pipe is not clogged.  When you burn your candles crack your windows a little.  If you have a trunk, do not put your emergency bucket in it because you may not be able to access it.  Keep it in your back seat.  One more thing. Leave your vehicle if it is safe to do so.  If you get lost in a blinding snowstorm you will more than likely succumb to the elements.

I do this for my wife’s vehicle as well as mine.  The initial cost is under $ 35.00, which is fairly inexpensive for setting your mind at ease.

Hope this helps and have a safe and pleasant winter.

L.W. VanLeuven