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Following in the footsteps of his fellow partner in crime Lindsey Graham, Arizona Senator John McCain was rightly censured by the Maricopa County Republican Party for failing to stand behind the Republican Party’s principles and siding with “liberal Democrats” too many times over the years. The vote for the censure was 1,150-351 in favor of censure.


The official resolution of censure is provided by the Arizona Daily Independent:

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As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party, platform, and its candidates. Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened. So with sadness and humility we rise and declare:

Whereas Senator McCain has amassed a long and terrible record of drafting, co-sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats, such as Amnesty, funding for ObamaCare, the debt ceiling, assaults on the Constitution and 2nd amendment, and has continued to support liberal nominees;

Whereas this record has been disastrous and harmful to Arizona and the United States; and,

Whereas Senator McCain has campaigned as a conservative and made promises during his re-election campaigns, such as the needed and welcomed promise to secure our borders and finish the border fence, only to quickly flip-flop on those promises; and

Whereas McCain has abandoned our core values and has been eerily silent against Liberals, yet publicly reprimands Conservatives in his own Party, therefore

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Maricopa County Republican leadership censures Senator McCain for his continued disservice to our State and Nation, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform and values, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.

McCain has been outed for some time now as a RINO (Republican in name only), but during the terms of Barack Obama he has openly showed his disdain for the American people and those who have been put in elected office to actually uphold the Constitution and fight it out with their opposition.

He has referenced both Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) as “wacko birds.” He opposed them over the issue of drones and the confirmation of John Brennan as head of the Central Intelligence Agency, along with their efforts to defund Obamacare, then, just like Lindsey Graham, he turned around and tried to make it look like he really does oppose the Affordable Care Act.

His siding with those who want amnesty first and no border security also brought him under fire. His role in the “Gang of Eight’s” amnesty legislation would have cost American taxpayers trillions of dollars, not to mention putting our nation at greater security risks. Even Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said the amnesty bill McCain backed was unconstitutional. In fact, the bill was so bad that legal immigrants urged Congress not to pass it.

During a serious debate in the Senate last year over whether or not the United States was going to engage Syria with our military, McCain was caught playing poker on his phone! This is a man that should be considering such intervention of utmost importance, yet it seems that he could not even engage the debate enough to turn his phone off. Like a child he was more committed to a video game than he was the safety of our men and women and the security of our country. One very courageous woman blasted him openly about his views on Syria during a town hall meeting.

After going and meeting with America’s enemies in Syria and posing with them for a picture, he hired Al-Qaeda advisor Elizabeth O’Bagy, who openly opposes referencing Al-Qaeda as a terrorist group. O’Bagy was a known liar at the time McCain hired her. For his treasonous dealings, a brave Marine called out John McCain as a traitor at a town hall meeting (If you haven’t seen it, view it here.)

In 2013, Voters attempted to have recall petitions signed for both McCain and Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. Arizona later attempted to stall that recall attempt.

I’d say the Maricopa County Republican Party is simply calling it like they see it. I would just add that perhaps these RINOs should just cross the aisle fully and take a ‘D’ behind their names and stop the facade.

Calls to the four offices of the Senator yielded no comment to the resolution.

Tim Brown is the Editor of Freedom Outpost.