IRS ScandalRemember the IRS scandal?

You know, when the IRS targeted 282 conservative groups for investigation as opposed to only 8 liberal groups?

Remember when a supposedly outraged Obama claimed he was not going to put up with any shenangians from any government agency – ESPECIALLY from the IRS:

“I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency but especially in the IRS, given the power that it has and the reach that it has into all of our lives.”

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He then appointed his buddy Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct a criminal investigation into the misconduct.

Here’s an update, because the mainstream media is so busy with their Chris Christie witch hunt that they have ignored this story altogether.

The FBI completed its “investigation” of the scandal, and hey, guess what? Top officials say there isn’t any evidence to support criminal charges.

Is anyone surprised?

After all, Barbara Bosserman, a DOJ civil rights lawyer who contributed $6,100 to Obama’s political campaigns, was secretly chosen to lead the DOJ’s investigation.

California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House investigations committee, sent a letter to Eric Holder on January 8 requesting the removal of Bosserman from the investigation, reports The Daily Caller:

“We request you immediately remove Ms. [Barbara] Bosserman from the ongoing investigation. By selecting a significant donor to President Obama to lead an investigation into inappropriate targeting of conservative groups, the Department has created a startling conflict of interest. It is unbelievable that the Department would choose such an individual to examine the federal government’s systematic targeting and harassment of organizations oppose to the President’s policies… Please provide a comprehensive explanation of the decision to assign Ms. Bosserman to the DoJ/FBI investigation of the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.”

Issa’s letter also protested the FBI’s refusal to communicate with legislators:

“The FBI’s blatant lack of cooperation with the Committee may rise to the level of criminal obstruction of a congressional investigation.”

Now the FBI has concluded that there wasn’t any wrongdoing or illegal activity involved in the IRS scandal.

But was there even a true investigation?

Don’t investigations usually involve contact with the victims?

The FBI apparently didn’t think that was necessary in this case. Investigators waited months to contact any of the 41 victimized conservative groups represented by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). In fact, less than 10 of the 41 groups were contacted at all:

“After seven months of no contact from federal investigators, a small number of our clients recently received a request for an interview from the FBI,” ACLJ senior counsel Jay Sekulow said late last week.

A phony investigation for a “phony scandal.” How fitting.

Contributed by Lily Dane of The Daily Sheeple.

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