President Lucifer and the Demonrats couldn’t legislate gun control despite the false-flag hysteria of Sandy Hook, so he’s now doing it sneakily.

11 months ago, in my post “Obama regime prohibits disabled veterans from owning firearms and ammunition,” I had sounded the alarm that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) began a new policy of prohibiting veterans whom the VA judges to be “mentally incompetent,” from buying, selling, owning, or transporting any firearm or ammunition.

While no reasonable American would dispute that clinically insane people should not own guns, what is very troubling is that the VA gives no criteria for what constitutes “mental incompetence.” Instead, the letter sent by the VA to veterans on this matter provides no specifics on the reasons for the VA’s finding of incompetency; just that it is based on a determination by someone in the VA.

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Now we’re finding just how ridiculous and flimsy is meant by the VA’s “mental incompetence.”

Below is an account of what happened to a decorated Vietnam veteran namedPat Kirby, who had his guns confiscated because the VA deems him to be “incompetent.”

And what’s the evidence for his “incompetence”?

The fact that Kirby’s wife manages the family’s finances.

Pat KirbyPat Kirby

Tim King and Jerry Freeman report for ( Jan. 16, 2014:

If Pat Kirby has his guns taken away by the federal government, then everyone else is probably going to eventually face the same thing. The clock is ticking. Pat Kirby is a decorated Oregon Vietnam Veteran with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). He never imagined he would receive a letter telling him he will have to turn over his guns, or face imprisonment.

He is the ultimate expression of a law abiding American citizen. He served his country, worked hard to raise a family, and created a nice life in spite of his PTSD. But his comfort zone was jerked away when he was told he had to give up one of his most basic rights for the most unbelievable reasons.

His crime?

There was no no crime. The Veterans Administration has deemed Mr. Kirby “incompetent” because his wife takes care of their finances. He has a good credit rating, he pays his taxes, he has never been arrested in his life, yet the federal government says will have to surrender his firearms and give up his Second Amendment right due to the VA’s designation of “incompetent”. His alleged incompetence is based on his own admission that he does not take care of his own finances.


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