Amina Filali
Amina Filali killed herself in 2012 after being forced to marry her own rapist.

Amina Filali
Amina Filali killed herself in 2012 after being forced to marry her rapist.

Allah isn’t going to be happy about this. “Moderate” Morocco is moving further away from Islamic ideology by closing a loophole that allowed rapists to marry their victims to avoid prosecution. Do you ever read these stories and wonder what people are thinking?

Who could conceive of that being a good idea to start with?

This is Islam and we should not be surprised. 

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When people think of hard core sharia they think of places like Afghanistan or Syria. They don’t think of “moderate” Morocco. How has the world become this blind?

This is the evil cult that we are allowing to infest America. As for human rights they are literally hundreds of years behind the rest of the world and to continually encourage more and more Islamic influence on America is extremely dangerous and utterly ridiculous. The victim suddenly has new meaning when it is your child.

The BBC reports:

The parliament of Morocco has unanimously amended an article of the penal code that allowed rapists of underage girls to avoid prosecution by marrying their victims.

The move follows intensive lobbying by activists for better protection of young rape victims. The amendment has been welcomed by rights groups.

Article 475 of the penal code generated unprecedented public criticism.

It was first proposed by Morocco’s Islamist-led government a year ago.

But the issue came to public prominence in 2012 when 16-year-old Amina Filali killed herself after being forced to marry her rapist.

She accused Moustapha Fellak, who at the time was about 25, of physical abuse after they married, which he denies. After seven months of marriage, Ms Filali swallowed rat poison.

It never ceases to amaze me that people can defend this ideology in America. Women are not property and they have equal rights whether you like it or not. This cult of Islam attracts societal maggots and that is why it continues to grow. Why wouldn’t wife beaters, rapists and child molesters join?

It validates them. It makes them feel like the horrible things that they enjoy doing can be justified by some deity named Allah who wants all infidels killed. That means you. They want you dead. How does that make you feel?

Morocco got this one right. But if you fail to see how this ideology is far behind the times then shame on you. Any society that allows a forced marriage of a woman to her rapist is way behind the curve. And keep in mind that these are not fully grown women, they are “underage” girls.

So now a rapist can’t avoid prosecution. So what? Women are still second-class citizens and basically do what they are told in Morocco. Will forced marriages and marriages to underage girls suddenly stop as well? I don’t think so.

Our government encourages filth like this and does nothing when it happens here. As we reported a few days ago, two Muslims tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl while training at Fort Leonard Wood. They were summarily sent home without even a slap on the wrist. This is less than two hours from my house.

How would you feel if that 12-year-old was your daughter? The government sends these vermin home and acts like YOUR daughter is the second-class citizen. This did not start with Obama, but it doesn’t help that we have an alleged card-carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House.

It is happening here. It is early enough to stop it but not if people refuse to open their eyes.