Clear majority of State of the Union viewers want Obama to work with Congress

A CNN/ORC poll of viewers who watched last night’s State of the Union address found that 67% oppose Barack Obama’s plan to pursue his political agenda via executive orders.

During his speech last night, Obama unveiled a raft of executive orders and also promised to enact gun control measures “with or without Congress.”

However, viewers reacted negatively to Obama’s plan to bypass lawmakers. They were asked, “In general, would you rather see Barack Obama attempt to reach a bipartisan compromise with Congress on major issues, or would you rather see Obama take unilateral action without Congress to make changes in government policy that are not supported by Republicans?”

Just 30% said they want Obama to take unilateral action, with 67% opposing his executive agenda, which U.S. House Rep. Randy Weber last night described as the behavior of a “socialist dictator”.

Despite the Huffington Post spinning the poll as a “positive” reaction to Obama’s speech, the numbers show otherwise.

In all three reaction categories, positive, very positive and negative, Obama performed worse than any of his previous four State of the Union speeches. Obama’s “total positive” figure of 76% was the worst return for the last 14 years besides George W. Bush’s 2006 figure of 75%.

CNN was a little more honest, reporting that reaction to Obama’s speech was “less positive than previous years.”

The poll also showed that less Americans than ever before during Obama’s tenure are confident that his economic plan will succeed. In 2009, 80% of respondents thought Obama’s policies would improve the economy compared to just 59% after last night’s address.

Although still a majority, fewer Americans than ever before following an Obama State of the Union speech believe that Obama’s policies will move the country in the “right direction”.

Meanwhile, a clever new viral ad by the American Action Network released just before last night’s speech depicts Obama as an empty suit making hollow promises.


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