Obama-Race-Card (1)You think because your skin is Black that White America does not like you.  We do not like your Socialist Doctrines that you are trying to foist on America.  

Americans who are Christians, Patriots, Conservatives, Tea Party Groups, and people who care about America despise your policies and your personal disregard for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that is why you are depised.

The Scandals that are coming out of the Whitehouse on a daily basis is another reason you are not well thought of.  You have dumped the Economy in the toilet and I think by design within your administration.

Americans are hurting for jobs, real jobs and not your Green Crap or your Shovel ready employment debacle.  As an administrator you are a joke, unfortunately the joke is on the American People because they are suffering.  I personally do not think you really give a damn about America only about your agenda (which is the destruction of America) and all the good things that She stands for.

There is a saying by some of the Native American Tribes which I am proud to be part Chippewa of the Ojibwa Nation and it goes something like this.

“Those who have no feelings have no heart.  Those who have no heart have no soul.  Those who have no soul will never find peace. “

So, Mr. Obama it is not your skin color I object to, it is your Black Heart and lack of feelings for America.

Laos Deo,

LW Van Leuven