OBAMA-BIRTH-CERTIFICATE-large570Preamble:Four years and twenty-four letters ago, I started reading and writing about the issue of whether Barack Obama was ever eligible to have sought the Presidency of the United States. As I progressed, doubt quickly changed to certainty….certainty that he had perpetrated the greatest political deception ever against our Country. What follows below is a cumulative recap of my letters, which, I believe, will sustain what millions are now proclaiming: “The man currently in  the White House is not, and never was, the President of the United States”!

No person, except a natural-born citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this Constitution shall be eligible to the office of President. (Article II, Section I -U.S.Constitution)

Has our Constitution become a forgotten document? Approximately 235 years ago The Revolutionary War began. When it ended, the United States of America was born, liberty proclaimed and laws enacted under the new Constitution. At that time, John Jay wisely convinced George Washington to include in the Constitution the above Article limiting the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to “natural-born” American citizens, so that no one with a dual-nationality or other foreign allegiance could adversely affect the governance of our Country, a provision casually ignored by many in today’s political arena who treat the above article (as well as other parts of our Constitution) as “throwaway” pieces of legislation if they conflict with one’s ambition.

Obama deliberately deceived America by preventing access to virtually every document bearing his name and by knowingly approving a fraudulent “Certification of Live Birth”(COLB) and a later fraudulent 2011 “Certificate of Live Birth (long form) as proof of his eligibility. He did not attempt to obtain valid copies of documents from the proper authorities but used new ones created just for him, thereby choosing treason over transparency and stealing our Presidency. Recently, on a National TV “open” mike, all America accidently overheard him telling subordinates to “find a way around the Constitution.” This, from a man who, when inaugurated, swore under oath to defend that same Constitution. Today, our Constitutional liberty is sorely threatened. What John Jay feared has arrived in the person of Barack Obama. We do not elect dictators or kings. We elect Presidents….individuals meant to serve The People-not to have The People serve them!

Our Constitution was obtained at a great price. Though written in ink, it was purchased in blood….the blood of Our Founders, who deliberately inserted the “natural-born” citizenship requirement for anyone seeking the Office of President to ensure that the ideals for which they fought would be faithfully preserved for the future. Obama mocked them by ignoring this requirement or blocking it by legal action against any daring to challenge him in court.  Are we “crazy” for defending our blood-purchased Constitution? If so, may insanity reign over us.

An example of Obama’s “transparency”: He took an oath to defend our Constitution but has since plotted to find ways around it.


When U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin (Dr.) began hearing of many legal challenges to Barack Obama’s Presidential eligibility, he, in compliance with his sworn oath taken to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic” (similar to Obama’s oath); went through military channels for clarification of this issue. Receiving no help, he then wrote directly to Obama (two times), asking him to confirm that a valid “Certificate of Live Birth” (required by Hawaiian law) had been filed by him in 2008. In previous inquiries Obama never responded to others or referred them to his fraudulent “Certification of Live Birth:(COLB) which was posted on the Daily Kos website, as proof of his eligibility. In so doing, He lied to America. A COLB was not only inadequate for Presidential aspirants, as Obama, a Constitutional teacher , well knew but his copy had also been found fraudulent by many computer document experts. Not once did Obama offer or even mention the existence of a “Certificate of Live Birth” (not a COLB), which might have confirmed his eligibility. Instead, he continued deceiving our Nation through the 2008 election! In Col. Lakin’s case, Obama ignored the letters of a man who had given 18 years of faithful allegiance to America, merited a Bronze Star and became a leading flight surgeon charged with caring for the Chief of Staff’s pilots and air crews. Feeling that Obama’s authority to command had not been established, Col. Lakin refused a second deployment to Afghanistan. He was then arrested and underwent a military court-martial at which the presiding judge, Major General Carla Hawley-Bowland would not allow him to introduce any Obama records in his defense “lest they prove embarrassing to the President.” (her words). The General’s concern for sparing Obama possible “embarrassment” overrode any concern for Truth. The sham guilty verdict was followed by a dishonorable discharge, loss of all pay and benefits and imprisonment. Her Kangaroo court had done its job well. A man who had served his Country honorably was brought down by a”Commander-in-Thief”, Barack Obama, the only “president” in our history who refused to produce a valid birth certificate, and who, unlawfully, remains in Office to this day!

If Obama’s records confirmed he was not a “natural-born” American citizen and, therefore, not eligible for the Presidency by reason of possible dual national allegiance, it also meant he was guilty of treason and criminal conduct since he used fraudulent documents to deceive America. That’s the real “embarrassment which the General feared, hence truth and Col. Lakin be damned!

Consider: Two men took an oath to defend the Constitution. One, Col. Lakin, faithfully did, for 18 years while the other, Obama, used lies, false documents and silence (aided by a subservient News Media), as he plotted to upend, not defend that same Constitution. Obama did find time to fill out a form with names of basketball teams he favored in an upcoming tournament and to go on multiple vacations, including one to Hawaii at the same time Lt. Col. Lakin was “leaving” for Leavenworth, Kansas Penitentiary. How sad….one traveled in comfort, the other in chains! Why? For seeking confirmation that the service and salute which each serviceman and woman rendered to their President was being received by someone entitled to command their allegiance. Col. Lakin, who spent years mending broken bodies now found himself incapacitated by a man who repeatedly boasted of being “transparent”….except when his eligibility was being questioned. May all recipients of this letter raise their voices in a call for vindication and restoration of Lt. Col. Lakin to the Army he served so well (if he so desires), and to demand that Obama produce whatever birth documents (if any) are in the Hawaiian Health Dept. files and submit them to an impartial analysis for verification. After the way Obama treated Col. Lakin and others, we cannot expect him to voluntarily offer to produce any records. Unwittingly, in his own words Obama characterized himself when he said to Newsday (Long Island, New York Newspaper) on Aug.22, 2010 “the only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide.” AMEN

Obama’s actions have resulted in both active and retired members of the Military becoming plaintiffs (quietly ignored by the Media) in lawsuits against him, all asking one thing:”Prove that you were eligible” An easily satisfied request-for a legitimate Presidential claimant. Obama’s response….sue me. Having his lawyers use every resource available to block access to any documents, Obama’s disgraceful deceiving of these Servicemen and women has put their freedom and futures in harm’s way, for attempting to protect the integrity of our Constitution. There are three million members in the U.S.Armed Forces; all obligated to produce valid documentation of birth did so, with one glaring exception….Barack Obama, their “presumed” Commander-in-Chief. Think of this….a man who refuses to disclose his past is now determining our future!

Obama’s example of “transparency”: Had he admitted his fraud it would have meant prison for him; however, by remaining silent and secretive it would mean prison for Col. Lakin.. A true “no brainer” for someone who has lied, withheld or falsified incriminating documents and ignored or rejected our Justice system. Obama destroyed an American soldier’s career in order to keep his own intact. Let us recall these words of Abraham Lincoln:”To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” To this I would add “and of women”. Obama lies and America dies!

To be continued…