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In another shameful reminder of how Americans care more about sports than the future of their own country, Seattle Seahawks fans reacted to their team’s Super Bowl victory by behaving like animals – lighting fires, damaging historic buildings and ripping down street signs during raucous scenes last night.


Whereas most of Europe has seen unrest over the last few years in response to austerity measures, rampant government corruption and a crumbling economy, Americans have remained completely docile. It seems the only thing that gets them excited enough to hit the streets is an ultimately meaningless football result.

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While the scenes were not on the same level as some of the post-Super Bowl riots of recent years, Seahawks fans didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory.

Students near the University of Washington repeatedly dragged furniture out into the streets to set bonfires despite attempts by police to disperse the crowds.

“We burned couches. Then they came and they left. We burned more couches. They came and then left,” said one of the individuals.

When asked why they were burning couches, many in the crowd responded by saying “YOLO”: you only live once.


Fans also surrounded passing vehicles, pounding on their roofs, while street signs around Pioneer Square were ripped off and dismantled.

A man was shot and critically injured downtown near a Super Bowl party while another 60-year-old man was arrested for firing a shotgun in his back yard.

The city’s historic pergola, a glass-domed structure built in 1909, was also feared damaged after crowds of revelers clambered on top of the building, smashing its roof. “Some of the glass is flying,” reported KIRO-TV.

While their entire country is being bankrupted, hollowed out, and flooded with illegal immigrants as Obama announces that he will ignore Congress and pursue his agenda via dictatorial executive fiat, Americans remain unmoved.

The only things that get them in the least bit animated are Black Friday sales and NFL football games. When a civilization reaches this point of decadence, a Roman Empire-style collapse is soon to follow.

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