ar1967Sunspot AR1967, an area big enough to swallow the Earth several times over, has unleashed SEVEN M-Class flares over the last 24 hours. The THREE coronal mass ejections produced are on their way to Earth. There is no news of their expected time of arrival at this point so I will update this post as news becomes available. (note to DC Clothesline readers: click here to check for updates)

Anything produced by AR1967 is going to score a direct hit on Earth over the next 24 hours.

The spot, which has the energy for X-class flares and is growing in complexity all the time, has caused NOAA to update their estimate of the likelihood of further action.

They estimate a 50% possibility for X-class flares over the next 24 hours and an 80% chance of M-class over the same period.

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The worry with multiple CME’s is that their speeds will vary, and they do not always arrive in the order they were thrown off. One can overtake another and arrive early, or two or more can arrive in a very short space of time. Getting into a situation where two arrive at the same time can greatly potentiate their effects.

Chris Schur of Payson Arizona took this amazing photograph of the core of AR1967.


Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

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