In The Brothers Karamazov, the great Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky famously wrote that ”In a world without God, everything is permitted.”

We are living in just such a world.

Have you noticed how few, if any, people speak of right vs. wrong nowadays? It’s as if those concepts have become alien to us, detritus from an ancient civilization without relevance or utility to our 21st century world.

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The other day, I confronted a friend whose wife, a Japanese national, receives Social Security Disability (SSD) from the U.S. government although she is well enough as to work two jobs in Japan. I pointed out to him that her getting SSD is akin to theft.

His response was to minimize what his wife is doing:

  1. “She doesn’t get much from SSD” — without saying just how much her monthly SSD benefits check is; and
  2. “Social Security allows SSD recipients to earn some income up to a certain sum.”

My responses were:

  1. “That just makes what she’s doing petty theft.”
  2. “That would work only if your wife actually reports how much she’s earning to the Social Security office, which she hasn’t.”

At no time in our discussion did the words “right” or “wrong” ever crossed my friend’s lips — or mind.

Another way of saying “In a world without God, everything is permitted” is “Do as you will,” which is the Satanist’s creed. Only in such a fallen world can we have the grotesquery of a wife injecting fecal matter into the IV tube of her hospitalized husband.

Rose Mary VogelRose Mary Vogel

Deborah Stocks reports for ABC15 that an Arizona woman, 65-year-old Rose Mary Vogel, is facing a charge of attempted first-degree murder after she allegedly tampered with her husband’s IV following a surgical procedure.

Police say 66-year-old Phillip Vogel was admitted to Chandler Regional Hospital on Thursday for the procedure and when it was done he was in recovery, with his wife, in the room with him.

The warning alarm on the monitoring machines sounded, alerting the hospital staff there was a problem in the room. When staff checked on the man, they found his wife manipulating the IV and a brown substance in the line. The staff immediately removed the IV from the man’s arm.

A nurse caught Mrs. Vogel trying to drain the fluid from the line into a waste basket. The substance was tested in the hospital lab and found to contain fecal matter. A search of her purse revealed three more syringes, two of which contained fluid and the third appeared to have trace amounts of fecal matter inside.

Banner Poison Center Medical Director Dr. Frank Lovecchio points out there’s nothing medically dirtier in the body than feces, “Feces have a huge number of bacteria, hundreds of viruses.” An IV is a direct line to your blood stream so injecting fecal matter into it, depending on the amount, could lead to a slow, painful death. ”You could succumb to sepsis or an overwhelming infection that could kill you.”

Police say the victim, Phillip Vogel, is expected to survive but remains in the hospital, recovering from the surgical procedure and the attempt on his life.

Next-door neighbor Harvey Zehnder, who lives next to the Vogels in Sun Lakes for 10 years and considers them to be good friends, called Phillip and Rose Mary the “perfect couple.”

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Rose Mary Vogel is a former nurse who had worked at the Chandler hospital. She is being held on $100,000 bail.


Dr. Eowyn is the Editor of Fellowship of the Minds.